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  1. Don't say anything if you don't have something nice to say, is about the stupidist thing I have ever heard!

  2. ya, I would so love to, however I think my September is going to be way too busy and I might be in Germany in October....but it is tempting....... T
  3. my eyes are glazing over even as we speak....T
  4. I just want to say ' yes I am super human' and proud of it. hahah! I agree with Chris you might not be considered successful to the masses if you don't do the work.(is that good or bad?) I also agree that anyone can learn the skills but no one else no matter how hard they try will be able to create what I do because I am me and that my friends is talent. Saying you have talent should be considered a positive and not some self effacing trait.... Why not have talent? I can speak three languages and move between them with no problem, my one language only friends think this is amazing. For
  5. just another day on the island of piggy piggy

    1. Biglou13


      Angry birds again....

  6. In that case I would seal the orginal plaster with a universal sealant, then I would glue the hardened polymer clay with some strong universal glue, i would use no more nails, but not sure if it is available in your country. then I would cover the whole thing with some soap or whatever you are going to use as the release and make the mold. T
  7. that was your first mistake, you should have consumed an oak barrel of brandy to put the wine into. makes it taste way better, and don't let anyone put you off adding a bit of yeast to the mix, it makes for a better colour....T
  8. have a look at lustreware, all very low temps..T
  9. and Jim if you choose to distil, make sure you don't blind yourself...T
  10. just cuz.....hahaha actually stoneware is not stronger, and stoneware only vitrifes when you fire it to maturity otherwise its basically earthware with grog.. I know that Offcentre had an interesting post about this maybe he will chime in , tell me that i don't know what I am on about and point you in the right direction..T
  11. I use plain wall paper. I soak it enough to get it nice and damp, then I paint on my picture with coloured slips then I flip it on to the leather hard clay. Then I wait until the paper drys off some. Peel off the paper and there you have it. In my gallery there is a tile picture of a purple coloured budha. I did that with this method. You might not get the lines as clean as you might want but it works for me. T
  12. If it were me, i would place it on a plaster bat, wrap it up with a big plastic bag with a small air hole poked out in the top. It will take a while to dry but its a method i use regularly, once it gets past leather hard poke more hole until you feel you can take the bag off...T
  13. I agree as well, but I think some people go for that patina. T
  14. I wouldn't do that, even though you crazy Canucks kicked me out of Canada two times in one night in 1971. Jim[/ I wouldn't do that, even though you crazy Canucks kicked me out of Canada two times in one night in 1971. Jim I think i learned about that incident in school.....T
  15. No sadly I think they are talking about borders or should i say controls between states. I would ask homeland if they have heard of the 4th amendment. i don't even think legally they can ask you any questions without cause and certainly not search you... But hey i am just a great whiter! T
  16. Are you planning on dipping them? If so I'd dip see what it looks like and if the coverage looks good I would fire them. You can always wash off the dipped glaze if you think they aren't coated enough and then refire, I would imagine you only need to go into the 400's C to burn off any oil. T
  17. I thought that part of the american constitution was being able to travel unmolested through your own country? T
  18. You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose but you can't pick your friends nose...apparently

    1. Biglou13


      it's much less satisfying picking a friends nose than your own.....you don't really pick friends......the ones that tolerate you just hang around longer....

    2. trina


      ain't that the truth!

  19. I like the idea of these light collectors, I am not sure if I would worry too much about how you make the connection between the two pieces. If you are using stain glass you could just glue them in and then maybe fill any gap with copper foil or something gold leafy ect... Plus I think you will find that, that type of stain glass will already start slumping at 650-700C. T
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