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  1. I just make some up , roll it into 1/2 inch thick sheets and leave to dry.....rewet when I want it. it rewets real easily. I always have about 10 sheets standing on edge near the kiln
  2. Try a search for "plaster turning" I think that is what you are refering to. I have also cast blocks and then turned them on my wood lathe.
  3. Removed a bung with gloved hand. dropped it and tried to catch with ungloved hand. BADDDDDD move. dropped it again realy quick.....
  4. I would be interested in seeing what you did.
  5. wipe oil on the residue, leave for a minute or two and wipe off. Repeat if still tacky.
  6. love your pots, have tried pit firing a couple of times but havent got anywhere near your finish. I think i had too much air too much smoke and not enough heat. Keep up the inspiring work! T

  7. Looking for a good "idiot guide" for glaze.........Dont want a list of glazes, well, I do but I want to understand what is happening and what does what.....I want it to be a ref I can just grab and find info when I am in the creative groove. There is a lot of info on the web ,,,so if you can point me at a good site that explains things, that would be useful as well.
  8. why not use black clay? Fire it up to maturity then glaze how ever you want.
  9. Something that is obvious (once you have done it) they work just as well upside down and are very stable that way....they are also very sturdy......I currently have 15 kg of coiled clay sitting on one and it is smooth operating and steady. I actualy use them more than my "real" banding wheel now. Good luck and let me know how they work out for you. Ps ,, where are you based,,,I am in Derbyshire. Michael
  10. ON the topic of banding wheels being expensive...... Ikea has lazy susans very cheap... I have 3 of them and use them a lot as well as a "real" banding wheel. They are vey useful for the price.
  11. MichaelS


    My favourite pot I have made. Pinchpot bottle
  12. MichaelS


    Pinched pot bowl, came out of the pit looking gorgeous.
  13. MichaelS


    The inside of a Pinched bowl, painted by the flames beautifuly.
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