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  1. Have fused stain glass to pottery, however I always use it as kind of a second glaze, if that makes sense. How do you imagine the stain glass to be connected to the clay? Just to help me imagine the effect you want. Matt is right its tricky to find the COE but do able. T
  2. cone 6 is totally tough enough....don't be offended, I have people trying to give me stuff all the time, if i took everything I would be like one of the hoarder people on t.v and my friends and family would be having an intervention. actually maybe i am one of those people eckkkkk! T
  3. hahaha. .....yip he looks rather dunted T
  4. I have also seen engobes used to acheive this level of colour...T
  5. This reminds me, when my mother was a little girl growing up in the Detroit area, Her older sister would take her to hockey games, coming out of the arena one night she all of a sudden got caught up in a large crowd and didn't know what was going on, until she looked up at who was walking beside her Mr. Hockey himself Gordie Howe. Of course he was very nice about the hole thing. ah gordie, now that was hockey! you made my day T
  6. very close, the one i was looking for was may 10, but was still a tech job. T
  7. No, it wasn't that one (prototype) it was one maybe two or so months ago where someone actually was trying to hire a potter and I was suprised how low the salary was. Now I will try to find it myself..... T
  8. Hi there, We had a disscussion about wages a while back, i looked in my old posts but since the change of software can't find it. I am sure someone will be able to help you out. T
  9. i went to a hockey game and a fight broke out or was that ....i went to a fight and a hockey game broke out, It's all my fault I had to mention ol' Bobby. p.s nobody knows if or when it will shatter, you could just pretent its a crackle glaze....T
  10. wow those are wonderful! I have not tried this technique but it's really tempting me T
  11. my brother and sister in law are both dentists and when I need teeth i just ask them! When i get to my big computer I will post a hare i did with a mouth full of said teeth. T
  12. Maybe ask Bobby Or and Bobby Orr to come along, too. This is no time for jokes, people are getting way too serious and it makes my eyes wanna roll....T
  13. anyone know where to get a used fish?

    1. oldlady


      ask mark, he is the fisherman haha

    2. oldlady


      dare i ask what you are going to do with it?

    3. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      are you sure you can cope with the stink?

  14. Take notes so you can be sure the mistakes you make are always new ones. T
  15. Don't use an outhouse until you look under the seat. Jim Don't use an outhouse if you wear suspenders, and don't fry bacon with your shirt off. T
  16. Ok this is now the 4th attempt before I throw the computer out of the window. I have gone through a lot of computers that way arrrrrgggg..... Dear Evelyn, I make great cloth looking clay by, rolling out paper clay between two sheets of paper or for that matter cloth. I have a mangel in the studio and I can roll to paper thinness. Then I get the sheet a little wet with a spray bottle and voila, cloth, drapey and good. I have tried to attach a photo but I am obviously not that smart... I will post a mermaid in my gallery and you can have a look there. T
  17. 1. Some of you non Canadians might not know this but when I put on skates for the first time I was Bobby Or 2. at least those guys in the small studio were figure'n i have seen worse T
  18. what's on my mind....paul newman and a ride home.

    1. Evelyne Schoenmann
    2. trina


      it's actually part of an opening line to one of my favorite books "When I stepped out into the bright sunlight, from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman, and a ride home." so when I see the little thingy that says what's on your mind I am reminded....

  19. Ha, Jim I see you are finally reading that book I lent you....T
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