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  1. Mind if I ask what your budget is for this Claystravaganza? What happens to Ohio concrete floors in coldest weather? Wonder if it would be worthwhile to install heating into the floor? Would help with drying after hosing. ( I wouldn't seal it, either way) Be sure to scrape off excess tenmoku before stepping into your shower (! ) I thought I was fancy by having a studio toilet - really does cut down on tracking clay into the house. I like your circular workpath. "to keep the pots from getting as dusty; thought about some kind of drop cloth system to cover the pots
  2. Very interesting and entertaining! She went down several rabbit holes in her inclusive research and describes reasons and methods well enough to use as jumping off points, as well as good descriptions of "failures." Thanks! Added to my Kindle library.
  3. If you haven't pulled yourself along by your elbows lately, be prepared to awaken some muscle groups!
  4. One of my fellow students, back in school, did a self-portrait sculpture of herself hunched over a wheel that was attached to her ankle with a massive chain. Mine was so complicated it was never finished.....
  5. I use a short piece of dowel or stick to clear the straw when punching multiple times. Saving any size plastic straws I come across now....an endangered species ;)
  6. When I get a drip that I know will mar the appearance of the glaze, I shave it down with a trimming tool after it dries.
  7. @Chilly, nice chocolate glaze! Serving dishes are pretty, too.
  8. Well, it's not all rehab ads, there's also arthritis and depression. Clay and throwing seem to be symbols of creativity that are tactile and don't require you to "draw a straight line." Most people won't really try it, but they admire it. I think it's good that folks like JohhnyK were inspired to pot by Ghost and I'm sorry that it inspired some jerks to ogle. I didn't realize the depth of feeling it released in Real Potters to have their livelihoods made iconic. I still love Patrick Swayze and Whoopie, so there's that.
  9. I think, Mark, that only practicing potters took exception to Demi's "throwing." Making pots is still romanticized in a lot of commercials today because - it really looks magical when you do it. Really, what was it about pottery that caught your imagination? Why did you start in this back-breaking field (assuming you didn't know about the drawbacks when you began)?
  10. I made a squirrel and a spoonholder sometime before 3rd grade. Then, in my twenties, returning to JC, I watched George Geyer on our first day throw a classical Greek vase about 18" tall with grace and economy of motion on a Lockerbee kickwheel in a trice (a technical term meaning I was too bewitched to keep track of time). Still bewitched. I saw that vase's archetype about 12 years later in the Athens Museum - breathtaking, and even taller.
  11. I use a stiff brush as well as water pressure. If you're going to apply a different glaze, you should probably plan to use a darker one, or one that has similar ingredients.
  12. Very nice, @liambesaw! Aaaand you've discovered the joys of throwing with stiffer clay. I prefer it.
  13. Sorry to miss your sale, decided not to drive north on Saturday. Glad you had a good day. 


  14. I have an old kiln log page that shows a radical jump to ^10++ and the notation TED GOES TO SLEEP Comiserations
  15. Could be finger contamination. Touching the onglaze paints while loading and transferring that to handle edges is easy and common. Rims are probably as @Min says.
  16. That's why I asked - she thought the atmosphere was moving too fast through the kiln, I think it's backed-up. My Venturis make a nice low roar with natural gas. Their intakes are always full open. I think she has a fuel/air mix discrepancy as well as too much fuel while too much damper (easy for me to say, sitting way over here).
  17. @Linda A, when you did the candle test at the bottom peep and the candle went out, was the flame sucked into the kiln or blown out from it?
  18. Contradictions abound. Can't be Masonite, no reflectivity and flexes too much for ware boards. OSB (the only thing that came up in a search for "wafer board" at Lowes), as you say, is yucky surface and not reflective. Styrofoam insulation is not stiff enough for ware boards. If there's something lightweight, inflexible and water resistant that I can carry and shelve multiple pots on, I need it. Did I misunderstand, @Hulk?
  19. Wafer board? You mean OSB, oriented strand board? 'Reflective surface' does not compute.
  20. Tyvek priority mail envelopes are free at your post office or online at usps.com. Tyvek is also used to wrap houses underneath the siding and is sold in proportionately sized rolls at home centers.
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