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  1. P.S. You can link to my Pinterest from my website and I have many nice Clay boards. 

  2. I stumble on them from time to time, I was just hoping to get them collectively in one place!
  3. Hello everyone. I’m still relatively new & doing pottery in my spare time, but my goals are to incorporate pottery into my life more as time progresses. I started a personal blog and intend to use it to track/share my progress over time. I’d love to get some inspiration from all of you on this lovely forum, so if you have a Blog, Instagram, or some other Social Media, please post them on this thread!
  4. You know I’ve heard this from a vew tutorial videos!! That might not be a bad idea. It would certainly eliminate the issue with fragility and keeping one will allow me to track my progress!!! I like it.
  5. The forum gods are not being kind to me. I’ve searched and searched this forum as I’m sure there has already been a post with my question, but I cannot find it so here we are... My Pacifica gt400 wheel was acting funny, seemed “weak” and the wheel would slow when centering. Having zero-experience, naturally my first instinct was “I can fix this”, so I started taking the underside of the wheel apart. And look what I found!! Even I know that’s not right!! So I need new belts. 4 of them specifically. I see there are 42” and 50” belts on Laguna’s website. How do you properly meas
  6. Hello! I’m having this exact issue with my Pacifica GT400. I bought it secondhand and basically just started using it with no issues. Now 7 months in the wheel is slowing down when centering. What was the solution for your issue? My thought is the belts, but I havent done any research yet. Started here with this forum!
  7. Thanks for all the information. I hadn’t considered the fragility when it comes time to moving, so thank you for that!! As well as the bits on humidity cycling, also helpful. I’ll have to come up with some sort of system, or perhaps fire them in another kiln. I’m learning something new everyday and I’m grateful this forum exists!!
  8. So I’m a newbie. We purchased a kiln and wheel, but the kiln still isn’t set up. At this point we’re debating moving to another city and purchasing a home there within about a year. To be honest, I’m in no rush to install and set up my kiln where we are now, and I’d rather just save my pennies and set it up at the new house. Which brings me to my question.... How long is too long to let your greenware (I think that’s what it’s called), sit around before firing? I’m under the impression that the danger when firing is in the pot being wet, not too dry. So if I create some things and don’t f
  9. I’m working on my home studio set-up and find this helpful as mine will be in a back bedroom. The problem it’s also used as an office. I’m attempting to separate as much as I can right now, but it’s a struggle! I am limiting am trimming/glazing to outside right being to help with the dust issue, but overall I’m a bit concerned about some of the health hazards.
  10. The clay is rather moist & tacky compared to others I’ve used when taking a class at a local art school. Otherwise, it’s the first “at home” clay I’ve used. I have another type that I haven’t broken into yet. After throwing I do transfer my pieces to basically a piece of thin plywood for drying. And yes, the clay does settle out rather quickly. Also, I have been somewhat careful with the creation of dust and limiting the transmission into the rest of my living space, though to be honest I’m still also using the studio space as an office, so the lines are blurred. We’r
  11. I’m curious about the salt migration... this is the clay I’m currently using. https://www.highwaterclays.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&product_ID=5409&ParentCat=575 Also, no other mold showing up yet. No moldy smell or anything lurking in the slop buckets. If it’s expected, I’m less worried about it as the material is organic, however since the studio is inside my house right now, I’d rather avoid the mold if possible. I’m curious abiut mixing a little bleach into a spray bottle. Is that “safe” for the clay? And at what point do you actually int
  12. Hello all. So I seem to have run into a problem when drying clay to leatherhard. It looks like on some pots there’s a mold layer developing on the bottom. I’ve include photos for reference. My current process is as follows: Throwing with minimal water on wooden bats when I can, ensuring that I dry pots as much as possible. Drying on the wooden bats, or removing the item from the wooden bats and placing clay pots on a thin sheet of plywood placed on top of a dresser. The throwing area and drying area are both in my office, inside. The A/C has been off this week and the climate
  13. Thanks everyone for the information. I’m happy to say I’ve officially purchased my first home studio equipment! I purchased the Pacifica and actually also ended up with a medium sized Parragon Kiln , plus a few extras including quite a few tools, books, clay, glazes etc. Grand total was only $750. I wasn’t quite ready for a kiln purchase, but the deal seemed too good to pass up. I think I’ll just need new bats as the wooden ones that came with are a bit wobbly/warped. I’ve never thrown on wooden bats and I’m not sure that I’ll like that. I believe in the course I’ve taken we did i
  14. Lady, thanks for the tip on testing. Any other suggestions on checking a used machine? Thank you all for the advice. I’ll likely checkout the Pacifica. As for what I intend to use it for. Right now, small pieces including planters, bowls, etc. In the future I would love to progress to larger vases, plates and other kitchen items as my skill set allows. Marcia, when you say a “larger wheel”, what sort of diameter are you talking? Honestly, I’m too new to differentiate between sizes and what I might need.
  15. Hello. I’m new to the world of pottery and so far I’m in love. I’m currently taking a weekly beginners wheel course, but I’d like to really invest my time into the clay. So I’m looking for recommendations on a beginners potter wheel. Below is what I think I’m looking for. Any feedback would be wonderful! Primary use: Hobbyist. Wish List: relatively quite (it doesn’t have to be silent, but at least not sound like a truck), metal bat versus plastic, Can Handle a good amount of clay. I’m a beginner now, but don’t want to “outgrow” my wheel once my skills progress, & variable s
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