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  1. Arrggh - we fire to about 1270C to 1336C, depending on the kiln. Wonder what it would do at those temps?
  2. See! Another great idea! BTW, that bottom pot is really lovely. Did you just make up a strontium/ water solution and a copper/ water solution?
  3. Tried that once... putrid green, never again!
  4. Thanks Babs - that was kind of my last resort as I'm a bit neurotic about wasting anything, but I appreciate the advice!
  5. I'm not sure I want to know how you figured that one out, lol! But I'll give it a try, thank you!
  6. So, I have a big pail of white powder, marked "Strontium Carb?" Lovely. Does anyone know any tests I can run to confirm or refute the lable? TIA!
  7. Thanks tons for putting these up!! I am interested in doing a retrofit to make my wood kilns smokeless - any ideas where I could start? TIA!
  8. Yeah, I would forget the ferrule and have sparks going off in the mike, I just know it....
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