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  1. Assuming you have already youtube'd it? not sure if this is what you need. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mBWZ23kcXc
  2. Venco wheel (very hard to find In the US) Olympic S1823HE Kiln W/V6-CF controller http://www.venco.com.au/direct-drive-wheels
  3. I have been throwing porcelain since I started. Love the purity of it and the creaminess.. I as my skills develop I uses less and less water and are now able to throw more complex forms, but still are humbled by its complexity lol
  4. Use a shrink ruler to measure the what the finished dimensions should be after firing. I use one measure the bottle openings to ensure my lotion pumps will fit after the bottles have been fired. http://www.bigceramicstore.com/tools-supplies/tools-supplies/shrink-ruler.html
  5. I agree not your problem, that said be careful how you handle as this could make or break your relationship with the gallery and piss off a future customer.. IMHO I would just eat the cost all the way around, that way the Gallery owner wont hold it against you ( not that its your fault) and the customer will most likely still shop at that gallery and potentially buy more then they normally would because they want to support the gallery. Lets not forget word of mouth of the customer telling other potential customer not to shop their because they will have to pay is an accident happens. my2c
  6. Just getting around to poking at this thread mainly because I just did my first bisque firing the other day. Now I have my Kiln down draft vented so no need for me to prop the lid or pull a peep hole, but I wonder why you would need to do those regardless of the kiln being vented? I understand the thought process behind it, but that assumes that Kilns are Air tight, which they are not. So gas and steam vapor will escape regardless of lid and peep holes being closed. Am I wrong, and If I am? why aren't their posting of peoples kilns being damaged from blow outs do to forgetting to prop the lid
  7. Thanks Pres, My guess based on the discoloration and the amount is smoke still coming off at the end of the bisque, I would rather not deal with it. I ordered the Lid from Olympic and it was only $160 which is well worth it to keep my wife to be from giving me the evil eyes for stinking up the house.. The thicker lid didn't seem to be an option, but a good point! The kiln I have has the upgraded 3" block so that should help to slow the cool and if it becomes a problem I will have to looking to ways help it. As for the other Lid not a total loss as I can use for a Raku base.
  8. Ok update on the oily Lid, Last night I fired up the Kiln for the first time and ran a bisque fire to 06. At about 900 it started to smell a little so I decided to rig a little hood vent (see pic) and that seemed to work a for a little while, but by the time it hit 06 it was really smoking pretty good and the vent couldn't keep up so needed to open the doors and windows until the firing ended and Kiln cooled.. Based on last nights performance, I am going to invest in the new lid :-) If the Kiln was outdoors I wouldn't care, but its in my basement and I cant image how much smoke will come off
  9. Thanks everyone. I will fire it this weekend and let you know how it goes.
  10. Ok, I have a brand new "Never been fired" Kiln that I bought from someone who was moving and never got a chance to use it. When I picked it up someone had placed an oily chainsaw on the top of the lid. Although there was no physical damage done to the lid, it appears some of the oil must have spilled on it and seeped into it.. So my question is do I need to replace the lid or just fire it and expect the oil to burn off? or has the brick in the lid been completely ruined? I am not against buying a new lid just don't want to if its not necessary.. My initial thoughts are to test fire it cone10
  11. Thanks Neberd, Not sure I asked this a yr ago, but the but the thread is definitely old, either way I thank you for your response.. I whole heartily agree with you and just need to "dive right in" . I have been doing a lot of research and have even upgraded the controller on my brand new kiln to ensure I have enough firing segments for the crystalline firing schedules. Additionally I understand this type of glazing takes a lot of experimenting and tweaking and maybe some magic to get the results your looking for. Keeping in mind that its much like snow fakes, no two every alike. Again Than
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