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  1. My 2 Cents, sounds like an issue with the Kiln if it has been working in the past and now tripping the breaker when going on high. If the home breaker is tripping, there is too much current being drawn. Maybe a bad heating coil in kiln, Not sure but the breakers are a safety and if the kiln is tripping them you have someone check it out..
  2. mdobay

    cone10 3

    Thanks Min. I have gazed another piece with the same combo, so it will be interesting to see how it comes out.. Will post some pics of it when I get it back.
  3. mdobay

    cone10 3

    Let me preface with I am fairly new and have only been throwing a few years and do not fire my own stuff. So its only a guess. The studio were I take classes, uses a gas kiln and I was thinking that color change and Crazing could have been caused by the reduction if the piece's was placed in a location of a draft?? My assumption is one of the reasons crazing happens is because a piece cools fast?
  4. mdobay

    Rice Bowl

    Very nice! is the blue cobalt?
  5. mdobay


    Thank you. I still have some practicing to do, because I am kind of a sticker about how lids fit. These are thrown as one piece and then cut and trimmed to make the lids.
  6. mdobay

    more jars

    Thanks, MKM hand roller
  7. Hello, Has anyone used these Rice Paper oxide decals? I bought some to try on some of my pots, but struggling a little with getting image to come off clean from the paper on to my bisque ware. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks http://www.theceramicshop.com/store/category/40/242/Decals/Rice-Paper-Decal/
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