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  1. From the album: The Guinea Potter's Stuff

    This is my precious girl, Malutka. I was sad to sell this...I love this cutie!

    © Sarah Alderete

  2. From the album: The Guinea Potter's Stuff

    Lowfire mug.

    © Sarah Alderete

  3. From the album: The Guinea Potter's Stuff

    Terracotta with white slip and underglaze. I was very proud of this one. :3

    © Sarah Alderete

  4. Omg I LOVE that stripey pot!!
  5. Wow, was this thrown or handbuilt? It's great!!!
  6. Waaaaaaow. That is right GORGEOUS work!!
  7. Thanks, everyone! One reason why I work in earthenware us because my kiln came with a blank ring, and my back is far too screwed to remove it. Another reason is that it is cheaper to fire in low temps than mid-range.The final reason is that my whole studio is set up for lowfire work. It would cost a mint to replace everything... Okies, the gargoyles will be outside for late spring, summer, and early fall. And, yes, this is of spiritual significance. In the Dakotan countryside, there is a lot of dark energies present from all the horrible things that happened to the Natives there. The Medicine Men arevery busy around the Rez...some of the stories they tell can give you nightmares for weeks! EDIT: I hate my phone--sorry for all the errors!!!
  8. Hello! So, I'm planning on making two gargoyles to protect my home. Sadly, my kiln is a tired old man and only likes to fire in earthenware. Anyone here have experience with this? I was thinking a heavily grogged terracotta that is fired to ^03 might be my best option, but I'm not sure. The statues will not be glazed, as South Dakota winters are lethal to glazed ware!!
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