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  1. been practicing photographing with better lighting
  2. john@thepottery.plus.com


    ferric chloride pots
  3. Iam now John ....... Was ajay........ Looking forward to meeting my next personality maybe I could be offcenter next i hope who ever is using the real me doesn't say anything slanderous
  4. I don't wood fire. But I too am fascinated by the subtleties that shino glazes/process provide.
  5. ............and I may have become *john@thepotteryplus.com* - that's the name showing at the top of the page - I also noticed that although I always go through the process of "Mark forums read" when I leave, this morning it's showing several pages of new content. Ayjay - definitely, but possibly not! OK, I tried to post the above and it wouldn't let me - I've opened it up again and I'm now showing as Ayjay - I'll try posting it again.
  6. Hi.Smokin Pots thanks for your positive comments this is all new to me first time on gallery so nice to have a good response.


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