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    terrim8 reacted to Min in Defloculated slip   
    Epsom salts work as a flocculant so what’s happening is it’s making the slip look thicker but it’s not changing the ratio of solids to water in the slip. To make a thickened slip for trailing or raised slip decoration you need a slip that is low in water content so it doesn't crack or flatten out while drying.
    Darvan is a deflocculant, as is sodium silicate (which is usually used in combination with soda ash). Adding a deflocculant will make the slip “thinner” and more watery looking so you then can add dry claybody to thicken it up. 
    Add some Darvan to the slip so you can increase the clay content in the slip without increasing the water content. You just need a tiny bit of Darvan, depending on the amount of slip you have, for a cup of slip a few drops up to 1/4 teaspoon of Darvan should be enough. Give the slip a stir after adding the Darvan and the slip will go "thin" and watery looking. Now add as much powdered dry claybody as you need to get it to the thickness you want.
    Darvan causes the clay particles to repel each other so even though you haven’t added any more water the slip will be “thinner”. With epsom salts the opposite happens, the clay particles are attracted to each other therefore the slip will thicken. You can use sodium silicate plus soda ash in place of Darvan. (same principle for using a flocculant or deflocculant in glazes)
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    terrim8 reacted to Callie Beller Diesel in QotW: What would your tool kit for doing shows include?   
    Hmmm. I have a simplified kit for outdoor shows, and a few more added items for indoor ones. (You'd think it'd be the other way around!) Mostly my outdoor work is a weekly farmer's markets, and the odd night market. Indoor shows here are more the norm. The outdoor stuff is mostly street festivals here.
    The simplified kit has:
    business cards, an assortment of writing implements including chalk for some display signs, price stickers (mugs mostly), Square chip reader, backup swiper, credit card payment signs, note paper, email sign up forms, duct tape, packing tape, dressmaker's T pins for tablecloths, scissors, utility knife, multi tool, string, wire, sandpaper and a Kemper stone, business card holder, tissues, lip balm, gum, pocket container of Advil, 2-3 band aids, hand warmers and 2 vitamin c powder envelopes, 3-4 cough candies and a cash apron with float. All this fits in a train case that I found at a thrift store. I have another box for table risers and sandbags to prop bowls on so people can see inside, 2 sizes of paper bags and tissue, my main table cloth and a sign.
    For indoor shows, there's more boxes of booth accoutrements, like my lighting setup including extension cords, power bars and Velcro ties (moving away from zip ties because I only need them for cord control), additional risers and sandbags, additional table cloths, curtains, s hooks to hang curtains from pipe and drape....
    I think that's it.
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    terrim8 reacted to Benzine in Very paranoid about Silicosis   
    Speak for yourself!  I'll have you know, that I've seen every episode of House, most of them several times...
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    terrim8 reacted to Min in Self-reliant alternative to buying kiln shelves? Historical approaches?   
    I think it's really laudable to think outside the box and try to figure out a way to fire without shelves but there are times when you just need to spend the money and buy the necessary gear. Cost of shelves versus a firing of subpar work? The only alternative to shelves or stacking pots with wadding between them I can think of is to use saggers but given the description of your work that doesn't sound like an option. 

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    terrim8 reacted to LeeU in QotW: Qotw : What name would you ascribe to the current period of art history that began in 2000?   
    I'm not sure that a contemporaneous period, or movement, is possible to be named and categorized while still unfolding and in motion.  History, to me, is an amalgam of hindsight with a mix of alleged and actual facts shoring it up. It is always a bit twisted---sometimes very, very twisted.  I don't see art history as being exempt from the ways in which history (formed from records, opinions & observations, critiques, all kinds of analysis, supposition,  explanations, and relational interpretations) may be, and has been,  "used" as a political, cultural,  socioeconomic, even religious, dynamic that affects entire populations and subgroups, sometimes quite negatively (think post-Soviet actionist art). There are deep roots and reasons why the general U.S. population was initially disgusted with and fearful of the emergence of "abstract" art.  People had to be taught how to be "the viewer", how to enter a new visual reality, how to participate in the dialogue, how to "appreciate" what made no sense to them.  Once history has blessed an art movement/period with the names of the identified heroes and generated enough money to give it credence, even the most impenetrable or nonsensical works, the most blatantly naked emperors, get to assertively confound us with challenges to our discernment of what is art and what is artifice.  Most of us can't tell 'em apart, but once we slap a label on the period or movement in question, it's pretty well settled. One hopes that there is a strong core of intelligence and benign creativity when articulating an art movement or period and that art historians may bless us with insights and context, and not leave us in the dark (think of Ai Weiwei and the urn--you have to understand it to understand it). 
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    terrim8 reacted to Bill Kielb in kiln building   
    Only thing I see is in agreement that Catenary are self supporting and yours appears to be hemispherical which generally requires buttressing.
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    terrim8 reacted to Mark C. in QotW: What skill outside of pottery making has helped you most in your pursuit of making pottery?   
    Yes its skills for me to
    Building kilns, plumbing skills(gas pipe) ,electrical skills, mechanical skills,problem solving as well.
    Along came business skills as well they where learned over time. Also saving and buying in bulk. Whether its 5 gallons of honey or 5 gallons of pottery wax -same deal really.
    also living within your means was major.
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    terrim8 reacted to Hulk in opinions about BIGCERAMICSTORE   
    Good experiences so farrr with Aardvark (Santa Ana, CA) via email, telephone, an' in person; also US Pigment (Midwest somewhar - save many bucks on cobalt carbonate).
    Not much available near our home; could be takes a metro area to support a ceramic store, and/or lower rents... The CSU (in SLO) has a ceramic lab anyone can walk into and buy Laguna clay ~$14/bag (a year ago); an art store has a few bags of cone 10 Laguna clay at you kiddin'me prices; basic tools can are available at several places.
    izzat Bracker's CP? 30% off Kemper tools this month, 20% offa wheels an' such, hmm, thanks!
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    terrim8 reacted to liambesaw in non-yellowing wax or polish for smoked pottery   
    Time Traveller I see
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    terrim8 reacted to Fred Sweet in non-yellowing wax or polish for smoked pottery   
    You mention the desire for a clear shiny finish. I used to use Future Floor Polish on some pieces that were pit fired or raku. That was a long while back though. I did a quick internet search on it and came up with the following web article among others:  http://www.finescale.com/online-extras/how-to/2017/11/in-the-past-it-was-future
    I realize that this article refers to using it ( or its new brand name, but read through it, especially the parts about using it on clear plastic parts, and then do some testing for yourself utilizing your clay body and effects on some “non-precious “ samples to evaluate the results.
    If you choose to explore this and/or other suggestions, please post your results. Others may find them useful.
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    terrim8 got a reaction from Pres in Misrepresenting Work   
    The arts council thing is what bothers me the most too. Politics & ethics.........
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    terrim8 got a reaction from lgusten in Misrepresenting Work   
    The arts council thing is what bothers me the most too. Politics & ethics.........
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    terrim8 got a reaction from Roberta12 in Misrepresenting Work   
    The arts council thing is what bothers me the most too. Politics & ethics.........
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    terrim8 got a reaction from LeeU in Misrepresenting Work   
    The arts council thing is what bothers me the most too. Politics & ethics.........
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    terrim8 reacted to Min in Misrepresenting Work   
    Thank you everyone for your thoughts! I really appreciate everyone's perspectives.
    I'm going to be careful what I say here in case things go sideways but have taken everything into advisement,  will say that what Bill was told by his father rings loudly.
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    terrim8 reacted to Bill Kielb in Misrepresenting Work   
    Anything you did would probably end up to be well within reason. I am reminded about something my father mentioned along similar lines when someone was caught in a similar situation crediting my work for theirs. He simply said to me that I would likely never have a positive opinion of that person which was a tremendous cost because he felt reputations were hardest to earn and took a lifetime of effort and verification.
    I think I would have preferred a pound of flesh but I must say it really instilled a  meaningful lifetime lesson for me. I should add, both of my parents passed by the time I was 25. It was an excellent timely lesson early in life! Pretty smart guy for not having finished high school.
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    terrim8 reacted to Hulk in Misrepresenting Work   
    like a gator
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    terrim8 reacted to Lbegley in Is this a stupid idea?   
    Whoa Denice!  This is good to know!  The thought of a toilet shooting glaze slivers is scary indeed!!!
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    terrim8 reacted to Mark C. in Is this a stupid idea?   
    Thats a large piece-I would test the tank lid 1st. 
    If you decide to do the whole toilet -you will need to dry it very well-200 degrees is a start-
    My guess is about 50% chance of survival .
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    terrim8 reacted to JohnnyK in Potter's Nod - What is it?   
    Have you tried placing a mirror at the backside of your wheel so you don't have to nod (or do the "taco bend") to gauge your shape or angle. I've done it and it works wonders for relieving the pain in the neck from bending syndrome...
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    terrim8 reacted to Mark C. in Crack in the bottom of a cone 10 fired bowl   
    You can fix it with a hammer-thats the best fix or if that seems severe you could plant cactus in it as the slow drain will work good with them.
    Next time compress the clay  in bottom  more when throwing  as thats 90% of most of these issues.
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    terrim8 reacted to oldlady in Mold Making & Casting Slip Mixing Questions   
    if you would like to see a variety of clay houses, check out Windy Meadows Pottery.   jan richardson started this business in the 1970s and there are many of them out there.  she created plaster forms for the separate sections of each house and then had them constructed by others.  the work was done in people's homes so they could take care of children and housework while still making money.
    buyers could choose the type of roof from shingle, thatch, tin, etc.  so every house could be custom made.  check out the possibilities of using something similar to make your log cabin from slabs rather than try the complicated mold method.
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    terrim8 reacted to glazenerd in Mold Making & Casting Slip Mixing Questions   
    I will pass on the mold making- not my area.
    slip however: 30 minutes with a low RPM (500) mixer is necessary to disperse the suspension agent, and to properly distribute particles. (Homogenous) if you are using sodium silicate, you have a short window (20-30) minutes before the negarptive ionic charges begin to diminish, with larger particles falling out of suspension. Darvan makes a short and long chain polymer; if you are going to store it; use the long chain. Long chain= long term suspension.
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