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  2. Those round gas kilns are notoriously difficult to fire evenly. Search the forum and you'll find all sorts of information, including what people have done to make them work better.
  3. Paragon kilns bought them out and manuals are online at their website your Da is here down the page a bit under Duncan https://www.paragonweb.com/Instruction_Manuals.cfm
  4. I have become the owner of a Duncan kiln. It is a Duncan automatik, the pro plus. DA 1029 - 8c. I have no manual . so , please , can anybody help me ? See pictures here: https://www.irista.com/gallery/8mis6zcep8gq
  5. They never responed to my inquiry about whats up with the bad business. I wrote it nice as I mentioned I bought some things long ago from old owner and it was a smooth transaction.I mentioned unhappy customers and gave they a free hand to respond. Its been 4 days now and zero response. My guess is they are not going to get back to me on this. I suggest looking elsewhere online-as its a buyer beware deal. I hope the OP gets this straightened out
  6. I use boiling water and a blender-I mix a cottage cheese container (size) worth and store it in that air tight clear container-it will desolve some plastics. Then I just add that snot amount to a small amount of really hot water to add to any glaze I need it in.Do not forget the instructions to add some small amout of copper to keep it from going off with organics(this info is online or used to be at big big ceramics store website. I have a printed copy from the old days if you cannot find those instructions. CP what kind of job are you giving up??33 years it could not be that bad?
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  8. great idea, chilly! and how do you keep the paint in such good shape on the radiator?
  9. Snot? This stuff is a cross between jelly fish and lard. Yuck. I'm sure it will work as described, but .... yuck.
  10. I have extruder dies for soap/sponge/business card holders if I need to stuff. I'll extrude a bunch and store in bin boxes just in case. Luckily(?) I have a tiny kiln so it's easy to stuff full haha.
  11. My loads are all "planters" not glazed on the inside. I can stack 2 or 3 a lot of times. Makes for a lot of product, but just looking at the bisque on the shelves, it's hard to say, "well, there's a load". I try to get ahead so I have some cushion, but I'm always lacking small stuff, or tall thin, or short wide or something. I have come up with a lot of tricks to load a kiln.
  12. Back to back firing, it's a whirlwind isn't it! I can do 2 glaze loads from a bisque if I have bowls or vases in there. If it's all mugs I only get 1 glaze load per bisque, and since I only fire on the weekends it means back to back every weekend!
  13. Yeah even the body soluble stuff is irritating as hell
  14. If I am correct it is a gas fired updraft top loading kiln. Certainly depends on use and existing condition. Can you elaborate a bit? Pictures? Price? Your intended use?
  15. Hi ML! idk, ah look't (Olympic site): http://www.greatkilns.com/1827g.html I'd like to have one! ...curious how evenly it heats up&down, side t'side? Perhaps someone inna know will post their experience... Electric 7 cubic feet I have, and have much to learn - can't (practically) do big gas fired at our house; something like this torcher we could do, maybe someday, will stick to electric for now...
  16. I'm giving my 2 weeks notice tomorrow. My last day is May 10. 33 years with one job. I'm loading for firing now. Trying to gauge if I have enough done for 2 back to back firings, but I've never done that before. The kiln must be full, I don't know if I'll get a second or not.
  17. Definitely get the fiber that is supposed to be body soluble, but still wear the safety equipment.
  18. 1827G: any good for hobby potter?
  19. Some cement boards use a fiberglass like matt inside for strength . This material can be affected by heat. Check with the manufacture on how much heat it can take as Neil says. as to eco frendly fibe I'm not a believer -wear a mask installing it.
  20. In 3 years of spraying on greenware, I finally broke a piece 2 weeks ago. Had finished spraying a bowl then instead of cradling the bowl with both hands, I grabbed the rim to pick it up and the rim snapped off in a chunk in my hands. It is true "Haste makes waste".
  21. dhPotter


    Hey JohnnyK, Around the rim, where the glaze is lighter, is Strontium Crystal Magic Cool sprayed on. Then Pete's Seafoam is sprayed over the whole piece. The SCMC makes Pete's Seafoam go turquoise. Depending on thickness of Pete's Seafoam, on non-SCMC areas, will result in the varied amount of splotches. The army green color is where Pete's Seafoam is thinner. Thank you
  22. Ah'm readin't as 25 years + 1 month ...as in, a month ago was 99.67% fulltime
  23. That's what I was told a few years ago too; that it dissolves in your lungs and nasal passages. A quick google search shows that some are and some are not. I would err on the side of caution. https://www.unifrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/M0001.pdf https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/materials-science/ceramic-fiber
  24. JohnnyK


    What glazes & application methods did you use to achieve such a fantastic result?
  25. Hey Lee,,, don't you find it scary handling the greenware so much while glazing? What % of pieces do you break in the process? Are you dipping or brushing?
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