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Found 3 results

  1. Hello I have an older Gare kiln model 1818 and the ceramuc tbe that holds the cone is cracked and broken. Does nayne know where you can get parts for these older kilns? Possibly manual as well? Thank you Cindy McNamara
  2. I picked up two kilns today with unknown history. I got a Gare 1818 and Skutt LT-4K double. I did a little in my grandmother’s porcelain doll shop when I was a child. It she’s been gone some years and I haven’t had the opportunity to dabble since then. I messaged both manufacturers begging information from the serial numbers. My husband was worried over asbestos...these don’t look ancient so I assured him they would be hazard-free and I hope I wasn’t telling a fib. Husband is an electrician, welder, engineer, etc. so he’s confident he can inspect it and give me a thumbs up. The bricks on the lid of the Gare look loose. Is that something that can be repaired? It has a lovely ceramic duck inside. Bonus! I hope that means she works.
  3. Just purchased a used Gare Perfect Fire kiln with electronic controller (48" x 24"). I'm REALLY new at clay firing although I've been sculpting with clay for years. I've setup my firing program according to the manual in the hopes of firing at cone 6. The firing data is fine... 1200 C (celcius) for cone 6, ramp at 400 c, no delay, "soft" hold time. Then I put my work inside and started the engine. 12 hours later, the temp. is stuck at 440 c and never went higher. I finally stopped the kiln manually. What went wrong? Why is it not going up to the set temp.?
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