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Throwing Strap Handles


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This thread is bounced off this one that was discussing extruders then went off on a bit of a tangent. I brought up the subject of thrown handles as another alternative for @Pyewackette . (other options such as cast, press molded etc in the linked thread also)

Super quick demo photos below, hope this helps Pye.

Throw a donut on a batt, for mug handles that need to be straight use as big a batt as you have or throw on the wheelhead if it's wider than your batts. Center the clay then open it up right down to the batt.  While throwing the donut press down firmly on the clay as you are pulling it outwards from center. 

Clean up the edges of the donut and shape into a dome top, flat, ridged, whatever profile you need. Can use  rib made from an old credit/gift card to make identical profiles for the donuts if making a lot of one style that need to be the same.

Cut into the donut with a pintool then slowly rotate the wheel to cut the donut off.

At this point you can either let the donut set up a bit or work it now. Cut off a section and either hold it up and smooth the  cut edge or let the sections dry a little then lay them facedown and smooth the cut edge. 

For mug handles pull them straight and let them hang until they are dry enough to attach. 

IMG_3245.jpeg.4923f46671a55d60f58c25a40d16587b.jpeg IMG_3247.jpeg.d983b481b8c3d06b75df99d74a35da1f.jpeg  

  IMG_3254.jpeg.c7ce69b6e987c40ca7184340290aabf1.jpeg IMG_3255.jpeg.d6adfb804e00b82badce87a1c8f1f64a.jpeg

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Pulled handles came up in t'other thread.

Much as I'd like to practice pulling several from a large handful, I've a hard time supporting much in my left where the right can do the other part, and reversed hands is worse!

I'll roll between sixty to ninety grams of clay (for the usual wares - more for a big pitcher, teapot, etc.) around on my wedging board to dry it a bit, then roll it into a tapered carrot shape before pulling it.
It's rather cheating?
I'm going for a tapered roll that's close to the final I want, with a flare at the big end to hold on to, then hang it from whilst it firms up.
It works for me! ...starting out, I'd make/pull two or three for each ware, and pick the "best" one. Hmm, that went away a while ago...

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