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Pieces warping/getting stuck to bats

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Oooh yeah, forgot 'bout that!

The white plastic rounder (in my picture, above) has a hole cut in the bottom; the cut off turquoise tumbler is fully open, of course, and the intact turquoise tumbler doesn't get stuck on account of the shape is not round, there are facets that allow air. The faceted one actually works better that the smooth one, imo.

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@Miriam AshI used to teach in the high school, and used the water trick off of the wheel head often. Sometimes students could not get the hang of it with a wire so I moved them to a cutting string. Little thicker cut, would drag more water through. Sometimes the cutting wire cut will re-adhere to the wheel head clay that is left on there. This can be dealt with by a quick twist when removing the pot from the wheel with most of the grip at the base of the pot. You can make a string tool with a handle that has a pointed section for trimming, and it does save a lot of time.




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On 2/28/2021 at 4:36 PM, Miriam Ash said:

I love the idea of a tapered tool but Bill Van Gilder's is sold out. Can you give me some examples of plastic containers you use?

Cut off top of a plastic bottle.

Cut the bottom off a funnel.

Yoghurt pot.

Flower pot.

Blah blah blah

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