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Button Holes filling with Glaze

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Looking for help and suggestions on keeping firing glaze from filling holes on buttons .  I make the holes larger than needed and try to clean the holes well after glazing, I have a small round diamond file that I use to clean the holes, I then insert pieces of wooden toothpicks into the holes for firing. (Is this necessary?) I primarily brush on glaze or paint with underglaze then bush on clear but occasionally dip. Yet it seems that about 8 to 10% of my buttons end up with at least one hole filled in by glaze. I turn the ones not usable as buttons into magnets sold at discount, but I would rather not have to do that.  Any and all hints and suggestions on keeping holes open will be appreciated.

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When I made buttons I dipped the glazes then used the end of a round toothpick dipped in water to clean out the holes. I did have a few where the glaze filled a hole but not nearly as many as you are getting. How fluid the glaze is plus how thick it's applied might be what it comes down to, have you noticed a difference in which glaze is more problematic? Having toothpicks in the holes during firing isn't going to help prevent the problem. I've never done it but I've also heard of people using fine diameter vent cleaning brushes to really get the glaze cleaned out of the holes.

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