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  1. I went and visited the art market i talked about in my earlier post. I saw nothing in the way of covid changes by the organizer other than a sign at the entrance advising social distancing and mask. The tents were right up against each other and back to back. Show goers with no masks and some vendors without any on either. So glad i decided not to sign up.
  2. They still owe me a back ordered fettling knife they charged me for but never sent. I had to fight to get the portion of the order they did send and it took 7 weeks to get but the class i ordered it for was an 8 week class And by the time the partial order got there we had ordered from elsewhere . That was maybe 4ish years ago and after that i told my students not to bother with them. One student forgot and had to fight for a refund when their order was not sent. I orderEd from them many times before that and didn't have an issue.
  3. People like things signed. I too have a line of little widgets that sell well but its not my work from the heart so i sign them differently with my initials not my full name.
  4. Any Florida potters wrestling with doing shows or not? I have one twice a month art market taking signups but so far i have resisted cause masks won't be required and no one has said if space between booths are going to increase or how vendors will be able to wash hands without the long walk to the restrooms. I can bring my hand sanitizer and lysol spray but i worry if that will be good enough. Not knowing if snowbird season will play out concerns me cause booth fee would not be returned if the show bombs and they are wanting the whole season of shows paid to reserve your spot. They
  5. I notice rougher handling when package go thru certain sorting facilities than other sorting facilities.
  6. If you can throw a pot you can throw a chuck. Its merely a thick walled cylinder that flairs like a three mile island nuclear cooling tower. I throw my chuck, make sure it is tall enough to accommodate the neck of your vessel. The body of the vessel will sit on the inner curve of the chuck inside the chuck. I throw single use chucks all the time and use while wet. I line the inside of the chuck with strips of newspaper to keep the pot from sticking to the wet clay. I also use a small level to make sure my pot sits level in the chuck. Then i trim my pot. Then i take the pot out and take the pa
  7. 1. Practice, lots of it. 2.clay as clay is reusable until it is fired or get contaminated by something. So if you slice up a pot now and again you can just let it dry a bit a wedge it...watch some you tubes on wedging there are multiple methods. Also slice any piece that didn't make it to see what went wrong. 3. Sometime if there is an air bubble in the clay it will be almost impossible to center so that could be one answer but sometimes you are just off kilter and it makes centering hard. 4. Dry it out, wedge it up and use it again. 5.try not to get clay down the drain, y
  8. I have one once a month outdoor art market that has let the artists know that they are planning to open in late October as long as things don't become bad by then and they will let us know if things change. Thats the only info on any shows taking applications i have heard about. I know my July show is canceled. As the venue has decided they will not be opening until august for more than 10 patrons in the building at a time.
  9. I use this stuff, found in the sunscreen aftersun area at the store, when my hands get dry...it doesn't happen often unless i am throwing in the winter in a draft. But i have never had an issue with my nails as you can see from my thumb's nail in the photo. The lotion smells like a day at the beach so thats always nice.
  10. Lime does pop so plaster in clay is a hazard...so is concrete in clay too...concrete when heated goes boom...just take a torch to your driveway if you need to see for yourself. I've seen plaster blow about a 3/8” chunk out of the surface of a pot when a small 1/8” little chunk got trapped in the wall of a thrown pot.
  11. Glaze one side and paint an oxide or underglaze on the other side and wipe it off so it stays in the texture.
  12. You might be doing yourself a disservice by not following thru with keeping at least a portion of your practice wares...perhaps you are practicing wrong and your work if had been fired would have ended up with S cracks in the bottom or rim splits at the top or maybe you've put too much torque in your lifts and you get spiral cracks in the wall...btw i have only seen this happen once and i thought it was the most amazing fault to occur in clay...the maker was not so thrilled but to see a bowl break apart in a spiral is very wowish. And of course you are trashing all the opportunities to pr
  13. My bowls start off as bowls...thats how i was taught, thats how i teach. One week i throw a bowl for demo the next week i throw a cylinder for a demo. Frankly i have always thought bowls were easier to throw and a lot funner to trim. Depending if you want a steep curving bowl or a wide bottom bowl you set it up from the first opening movement. Bowls with a flat bottom i have always called Bowlynders in jest, but i tend to to stress to my students it is not the proper way to form a true bowl form...they asked me what they really are and i say a flaired cylinder. My teacher was qui
  14. I don't think the glass is breaking your ware. Looking at those crack i can see glass melted into the cracks. If it was the glass cracking the pieces it would happen as it cooled not still liquid. I think its either the uneven clay thickness or some other stress that has happen either while drying, bisquing or the final firing. After your bisque tap the item with your fingernail...if it has a microcrack before it goes into the glaze kiln the tap will sound flatter than if there is no crack.
  15. Any letterset stamp will work given that it is a solid font as opposed to a outlined font...i found smaller outlined font don't work so great at smaller font sizes. Also some script fonts are a little hard to read on clay. I have used everything from office letterset stamps you find at the office supply store to ink stamps at the craft store to concrete stamps for stepping stone to leather stamps for leathercraft to stamps made for polymer clay and even dry alphabet pasta pressed into clay. Some give softer impressions and some more crisp. Personally i like the sets that have a holder to set
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