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    Camping, kayaking, family, travel, Art in general. I have a small studio in my garage. Two electric kilns, two wheels, wedging table etc. I am primarily interested in cone 6 Ox. but like to see what is going on at all ranges. Read about ceramics voraciously and love the feel of the clay and throwing. Have to admit that my greatest joy is in the making, not the glazing. That said I do mix my own glazes, some of my own formulas, some borrowed. Retired from teaching art, in 2009 after 36 years, taught ceramics 34 of those years.

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  1. Snowing hard here since yesterday. Looks like about 6" so far. supposed to stop about 5 am!


    1. Denice


      It is going to be in the mid 50's this week but cold is moving our way this weekend.   The weatherman said it could get down to 10 degrees,   my husband will have to finish my Century plant cover before that happens.   I would rather have snow  and not so cold.    Denice

    2. Pres


      temps are running mid 20's during the day. Snow was about 10" still lightly snowing, but am dug out.


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