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  1. Attention ceramics teachers! Please join us Saturday October 23, 2021 from 10am to 12pm for an interactive demonstration webinar geared toward K-12 art teachers! Ceramic artist and high school art teacher Julie Woodrow will help you develop a lesson plan from concept to reality. Plus, it's conveniently scheduled on a Saturday so it doesn't interfere with your teaching schedules! Theme: A Playground for the Eyes Here's what you'll learn: Sculpture terminology and design ideas specific to 3-dimensional form with visual examples and reference materials to help with your lesson development Ceramic handbuilding techniques including: modified pinch pots, the “bone” technique, making and working with bisque molds, adding appendages, creating and maintaining hollow forms Ceramic decorating techniques including: addition of texture through impressing, carving, smoothing, as well as, addition of color with underglazes and staining Our Workshop from Home webinars are just like in-person workshops, except you are guaranteed a front-row seat! Ask questions throughout, or during the Question & Answer session at the end. This workshop is geared toward teaches at the K-12 level, although all ceramics teachers are encouraged to attend. Saturday, October 23, 2021, from 10am–12pm EDT USA Registration fee: $35 Registrants can access a recording of the video for 30 days following the event to revisit techniques! (Registrants will be emailed a video link within 48 hours of the webinar conclusion.) Space is limited—Click here to register today!
  2. Hi all! If you haven't already, please provide answers to the following questions to help IT troubleshoot. I am forwarding all of your information to them and they are working on it. Thank you! What device are you using? What content are you unable to access? Have you restarted your computer, logged out of the site and back in? Can you see some premium content (ie. Clayflicks, but not Magazines, etc)?
  3. I wanted to post a link here to a page we created on the site to keep users up to date on known issues. Please visit this link to see if it answers any of your questions: https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/error/technical-problems-on-new-can-website If you are still experiencing any of the problems listed on the page above … OR you have discovered a new issue, please email us at customerservice@ceramicartsnetwork.org. Please remember to tell us what problem you’re having. And please include your name, address, and telephone number where we can reach you. Thanks to everyone for your continued patience! Jennifer
  4. I just heard back from IT. They are actively working to figure out what is going on. In the meantime, please email customerservice@ceramicartsnetork.org and we can take a look at your individual accounts. Thank you, and again, we appreciate your patience. Jennifer
  5. If anyone could attach screen shots of what they are seeing, as well as what device you are using to access, browser, operating system, it would be helpful in troubleshooting. Thanks! jennifer
  6. Hi all, I thought the Clayflicks issue was fixed yesterday, but apparently I am incorrect! I have just reached out to our IT director for an update. Please stay tuned. So sorry for the inconvenience! Jennifer
  7. @consuelo we are actively working to correct the issue with CLAYflicks. There appears to be a bug in the permissions. Please check back periodically over the weekend to see if the issue has been corrected. Thank you! Jennifer
  8. @consuelo Were you able to reset your password successfully on the new website? If you haven't yet done that, please try that by clicking the log in button in the upper right corner of the Ceramic Arts Network website, and then clicking "reset my password" link at the bottom of the screen. See screen shots. If you have done that, and it is still not working, I will escalate this ticket and we'll get it straightened out. Thanks! Jen
  9. Raylene, I will contact you by email to get this figured out. Thanks! Jennifer
  10. Hi all,

    There was an issue with the forum software this morning, but I am told it has been resolved. Please clear  your browser's cache and refresh the page in your browser. That should do the trick!

  11. Hello Sue, You can unsubscribe by contacting customer service through the number below or through this form: https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/contact-us/ Ceramic Arts Shop & CLAYflicks – Customer ServicePhone: 866-672-6993 All best, Jennifer Harnetty
  12. And to clarify, you do not need to change your password on the forum, as it is on a separate platform than the main Ceramic Arts Network site. Thanks!
  13. Hello all, Some of you may have received an email asking you to change your password on Ceramic Arts Network due to a hacking attempt. Some thought it was an illegitimate phishing attempt, but it actually was a legitimate email from Ceramic Arts Network. The company that hosts Ceramic Arts Network had a security breach and while we are unsure if it reached Ceramic Arts Network, we do recommend users change their passwords. We can confirm that no financial information was accessed in the breach. If you have an account, please update your password at your earliest convenience. Thank you and sorry for the confusion! -Admins
  14. Just wanted to put this reminder here for those wishing to post in the Marketplace. You must be a registered user to post in the Community Marketplace, or anywhere else on the forum! Thanks, Jennifer
  15. Hi all, We received a suggestion that all Communiity Marketplace posts should include the location in the title of the post in addition to the item for sale. Example: Potters Wheel, Columbus, Ohio I will add this to the guidelines and pin this reminder here. Thanks Jennifer
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