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  1. You broke your arm?  Just lately? So sorry to hear that. Right or left? Hope your recovery time is minimal, don't go bananas over inactivity. Best wishes - Rae

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      last Saturday while pressing 91 gallons of apple juice with 25 friends at our place-i was in one of my trees on an orchard ladder when the limb I was extended out on broke. we both went down about 7 feet-i landed on my back a little more on my left side. fractured my head of the left arm radius bone-very clean and should heal fast. I'm out out sling now -hand is still very swollen I'm using ice and as they suggest starting to use the whole hand and arm-pain is my guide they said.its my left forearm 

      no heavy work at all for 3-4 weeks-i can carry a letter with left hand but cannot tear paper off a roll yet-gradual stregthing needs to happen .

    2. Rae Reich

      Rae Reich

      Ouch! Falling out of an apple tree is how George Bernard Shaw met his end at close to 100 yrs. You were lucky. I never broke a bone until I fell on my right wrist 1 1/2 yrs ago. Afraid I started PT a little late as there is definitely some pain with some kinds of pressure/use and my hand is now shaped a little funny. I was pleased to discover that I can wield a hammer better with my left hand than my right, I never would have known.

      No doubt you'll heal quickly, as your lifestyle keeps you active and strong. 

      Best, Rae


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