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  1. I saw a post from you in 2018 that said you fire many different types of pottery together. I did that and now I am completely unsure of what is my low fire and what is my stoneware. Some of it I can tell apart bc I can see the grog but some of the stoneware doesn’t have grog! I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know what I was thinking. I could tell them apart by the color when they were wet. Most of my pieces are utilitarian. Thank you so much. 

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    2. andryea


      This is a conundrum! I've run into a similar situation. I use low fire white clay and mid-range porcelain and have bisque fired them together.  I can tell the difference before but not always after! I'm doing my best to keep them separate but I don't always trust my memory.

      A couple of solutions I just thought of would be to

      1.  photograph what's what or

      2. somehow indiscriminately mark one from the other.

      Just my two cents.


    3. feistyfieryceramics


      @MADcrafter Maybe come up with a system of symbols that you can carve into the bottom of your pieces next to your signature to differentiate  them:)

    4. Pleasant Pottery

      Pleasant Pottery

      You could try the "stick the tongue on" test and the low temp clay should not "stick" so much as it is now not so porous.

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