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  1. Agreed, need to reach out to Mayco again but I tried Mudworks' super clear and it was great (just pulled this pieces out of the kiln this morning). No more bubbling. I'll check out your recommendation above as well. Thanks!!
  2. I reached out to Mudworks and their staff said they actually had the same issue with that Mayco clear. They said some folks have had luck with a 20 min hold during glaze firing but ultimately recommended switching out to another clear. My other glazes have worked well on the clay bodies (aside from Mayco's white gloss which I'm told does not work with speckled clay bodies). Interesting.
  3. Hi again! I followed the schedule you sent (the only change was I held for 2 hours vs. 12 hours as my pieces were dry and fairly thin). but unfortunately I had the same exact outcome with the bubbling (pieces look just like pics above). Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Wow, I would have never guessed. Thanks so much for the insight! I'll check out that schedule for sure. Thanks again, much appreciated!!
  5. Sure thing - Pieces are slow bisqued at ^04 and slow glaze fired at ^5. My white stoneware is dark star from mudworks: https://kymudworks.com/collections/ky-mudworks-clay/products/dark-star-5-7?variant=29151550013519 and the brown stoneware is from ceramic shop: https://www.theceramicshop.com/product/859/speckled-brown-clay-112/ this is the clear I've been using: https://www.theceramicshop.com/product/10873/clear-one-dipping-3-gallons/ Thanks!!
  6. Thanks! So I've noticed the Mayco clear creates a lot of bubbling on speckled clay. I also spoke with a tech there who confirmed their glazes are suited for non-speckled white stoneware. Let me know if you have additional questions!
  7. Hi folks - looking for a clear glaze recommendation to use on my speckled white stoneware. My current Mayco clear is not working out on that clay body (because of the speckles). Thanks in advance!
  8. Sorry for the delay! That's an additional glaze - winterwood from mayco. it's a fun addition!
  9. I'm using the 1:1 ratio for dipping glaze. Thanks!
  10. Hi there - I've been having trouble with my Mayco White Gloss SW-501. I've had the same issue on 2 types of stoneware at both cone 5 and 6. Attaching a picture from my latest firing with a brown stoneware at C5 (the top and bottom glaze are second coat over the white and the white is the primary issue). I also brushed on the glaze onto another piece and the finish wasn't as dramatic but still generally uneven. Lost a few pieces to this problem Some additional details: I fire in a well-ventilated L&L, top peep hole removed Cones confirmed C5 firing I purchase the white gloss dry and mix myself. I received the same finish when it was thicker and after I thinned it out a little Thanks in advance for any insight!!
  11. Thanks, Roberta! Do you apply underglaze at leather hard? And have you had any luck using color glazes over the underglaze or do you typically stick with clear? My current clay body is grey-speckled so I'm trying to decide if I should switch to an off-white body if I have to use a clear. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all! I have a request for commissioned pieces with a stamped world on each piece (inside small bowls and on small plates), similar to this: https://www.etsy.com/listing/996145388/little-bowl-small-prep-bowl-stamped?ref=hp_rv-1&frs=1 I currently use a C6 stoneware and am wondering if I should go about making sure this world is legible in a couple ways: using a C6 celadon using an underglaze like mishima on the word at leather hard, then glazing in clear after bisque Any additional thoughts? Really appreciate any insight as I'm brand new to stamping. Thanks so much!
  13. But is it unsafe to do because of the fumes? Or is the smell the only issue?
  14. Hi there! I am interested in firing some luster pieces in my kiln in my basement (I have an L&L easy fire with a downdraft vent and a vent for heat). I open a couple small windows when I fire as well. I've heard anecdotally that luster firings smell really bad so I'm not sure they are safe to fire in a home studio. Do folks have experience with this? Thanks in advance!!
  15. Hi Neil - this is precisely what we needed!! Thanks so much for your input. Really appreciate it. Excited to try the kiln!
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