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  1. I must be doing something wrong because I have been unsuccessful finding any more on this topic. How do you suggest I do the search on the main page? Thanks, Andryea
  2. How you do handle this aspect of art fairing? I went to my first 'makers market' and am in a bit of a quandry about packing and repacking my work when traveling to an art fair. My first experience was a bit of a free for all. I got out a variety of new and used bubble wrap (large bubble, small bubble), some thin soft sheets of styrofoam, textured paper etc. I was diligent and careful as I packed everything at home. I took my time organizing the pieces. Nesting and carefully wrapping with padding in between when appropriate. I bubble wrapped other pieces individually. Everything made it there no problem. Where I ran into problems with my 'system' or lack there of was when I packed to leave. It wasn't leisurely and I wasn't organized in the same way. Pieces got rewrapped haphazardly because I had helpers and I rushed. Once home, when I unpacked, I discovered a broken piece (thankfully only one). Now, as I prepare to do another fair I want to be smarter. I want avoid what happened and do things differently. I'd love to hear how all you who travel with their work to fairs and shows how you do it. What kind of packing materials do you use with bowls (of all sizes), plates/platters, mugs and more fragile items? What do you pack everything into... plastic totes, boxes, crates? Do you use anything special? My nature is to pack tight which I think may be working against me in this arena. Anyway, I'd appreciate all the help or advice you have to offer. Thanks!
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