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  1. I'm glad your kiln worked out! I don't have a kiln sitter and I'm not really sure how I'd calibrate a thermocouple. Thanks for wishing me luck I need it!
  2. Hi Neil, I am in a similar boat. They are hooking up my three phase electricity for my used kiln right now and I'm wondering what I should do to test it. I was planning to do what you said and test fire empty to cone 6 to make sure the current coils can achieve that temp. Do I also need to test the accuracy of the thermocouple by firing to with cones appropriate bisque and earthenware glaze temp? I've been having trouble getting a full range of cones around here actually! I guess they aren't stocked because people aren't using them so much anymore? I was only able to get 03,04,6, and 7! I
  3. Thanks. This wheel is gone but I am happy to gather info on repair in case I see another again.
  4. Yes, unfortunately the guy was rushing me so much that I didn't get a photo or a look at it.
  5. Thanks for the info, Roberta! This stuff IS expensive in this area. If it is going to cost $500 up front, plus a couple additional hundred for repairs (or possibly it can't be repaired), I wonder if I should just invest in a new wheel? I'll just have to keep my eye out for other wheels and learn as I go, but it is really great to be able to ask questions on here from others with experience! I'd definitely also love advice from anyone who has good resources for diagnosing, treating, and ordering parts for wheels that need some work. My husband would love to try to fix some wheels if we ca
  6. I am in Sweden near Stockholm. They want about $450 for it, but since the ad has been posted for a long time now and it doesn't come with a splash pan, I was going to try offering less!
  7. Hi! I'm trying to buy a used wheel. I saw this one online. I inquired about the model/brand and a splash pan they said they didn't know. Is that already shady? There must be a mark somewhere. Does anyone recognize it so I can do some online research on its quality? And I am wondering if it will be hard to find a splash pan that will fit this. Thanks!
  8. Hi there, I have done ceramics for many years but I have never owned my own equipment. I've been looking for used wheels. I saw one today online today for $500 and I went to try to buy it right away. I have seen people recommending online that you try centering a large piece of clay on a used wheel you are trying to buy, but I think a lot of people selling their used wheels aren't doing pottery anymore, don't want the mess, and don't want to spend the time. The guy selling this one was in a real hurry! When I turned it on it made an inconsistent sound, not a consistent hum which worried m
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