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  1. I saw a post from you in 2018 that said you fire many different types of pottery together. I did that and now I am completely unsure of what is my low fire and what is my stoneware. Some of it I can tell apart bc I can see the grog but some of the stoneware doesn’t have grog! I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know what I was thinking. I could tell them apart by the color when they were wet. Most of my pieces are utilitarian. Thank you so much. 

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    2. andryea


      This is a conundrum! I've run into a similar situation. I use low fire white clay and mid-range porcelain and have bisque fired them together.  I can tell the difference before but not always after! I'm doing my best to keep them separate but I don't always trust my memory.

      A couple of solutions I just thought of would be to

      1.  photograph what's what or

      2. somehow indiscriminately mark one from the other.

      Just my two cents.


    3. feistyfieryceramics


      @MADcrafter Maybe come up with a system of symbols that you can carve into the bottom of your pieces next to your signature to differentiate  them:)

    4. Pleasant Pottery

      Pleasant Pottery

      You could try the "stick the tongue on" test and the low temp clay should not "stick" so much as it is now not so porous.

  2. Make sure you have witness cones on bottom and top to see if the kiln is firing the right temps. I would personally only try to bisque fire the first one so you don’t have to deal with glaze running as well as the work being ruined. Good luck.
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