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New Crop Of Flutes. I Need Critiques

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#21 rakukuku


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Posted 27 February 2017 - 02:52 PM

I think all these flutes are beautiful. Love the color variations.

Last year a man came into our gallery (an off the grid hippy type) with a clay flute he had made. He used a local natural clay known as blue goo which is low fire. He make the flutes and essentially fired them in a campfire. They clay was not refined and being low fired had low shrinkage. That enabled him to tune them while greenware. Gotta say they had the most beautiful sound. Really spot on.


Maybe paper clay would help you with less shrinkage and better tuning. But others are right - these are not for classic orchestras but for one's own playing.  Nice stuff.  

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Posted 28 February 2017 - 09:58 AM

thank you for your very generous offer.
camera info printed on the top    3X optical zoom       on/off   symbol for flash   then a ring with symbols from closeups to video, 7 choices
info on front     kodak       12 megapixels      kodak AF 3x optical aspheric lens     32 mm-96mm (equivalent)
info on back     kodak easyshare c182          W/T under that is - or +     trash can    a  symbol i do not understand    circle with i    center  button OK surrounded by directional arrows      arrow button     and a red light saying share
side has a tapered hole to attach a cord to go to computer usb 
bottom label has  symbol not to put in trash   a square inside a square  a triangle with lightning bolt   a triangle with !   a large checkmark inside a circle N137    kodak full name and address plus kodak easyshare C182 digital camera
SOME CHINESE CHARACTERS    KKL C182( B) made in china   above that  ICES-003 class  B 3V---    and a serial number which is pretty worn away    impressed into the case below that label are CE    then a tripod hole   the battery case says AA/Lithium,  ni-mh, zr6 or lr6    symbol to open and SD with an arrow in a square with the corner clipped off
that is all i have.
EDIT  i do not know where that little emoji came from.  it is supposed to be the letter B  in parentheses.   three times it came out wrong.

Did you load onto your computer the photo processing package that came with the camera? If you did, then I will find that same program and we can try to learn it together. I will search today for the Kodak program for your camera and we can go from there.


#23 oldlady


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Posted 28 February 2017 - 10:20 AM

sorry, i have nothing from when the camera was new.  this is a replacement for one that was stolen from my car and it came from ebay with nothing else.

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#24 jrgpots


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Posted 28 February 2017 - 05:30 PM

I have an extra copy of Arcsoft photo Studio 5.5 for windows/ 4.3 for Macintosh. It uses the same format for as photoshop-type. If you want it I can send it to you. Once you get it, let me know and we can go through it.

If you are interested I just need an address


#25 cagl84



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Posted 08 March 2017 - 12:27 AM

Hey Dad! I think these look great! 1,5, and 6 are my favorites. I love the high contrast of colors in 1 and 6. And I love the subtlety of the glaze in 5. I have a feeling I will like 3 more when I get to see it in person. I can tell there are stamping details that just aren't coming through in the photograph. I really like the glazing on 2- but like preeta said about image 1, I think the raw clay of the holes needs to be addressed more. #5 the hole areas kind of absorbed some of the glaze and created a patina of sorts, a gradual change from glaze to raw clay. Which is so lovely and I wish 2 had that as well. 


The only one that I do not like is #4. It seems a bit fleshy. It is a fantastic glaze and I do like the effect. But maybe not on this form- I'm struggling to not see it as phallic. And I hate to say it... as I hate that my work gets compared to anatomy a lot.


Now I'm feeling a bit embarrassed so I'm going to go and hide under a rock for a bit. Love ya!

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