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  1. This is fantastic! I'm so glad you got a mic and amplifier! They sound wonderful. Maybe you and Ben can play/record Twinkle Twinkle next time we are in town. (hopefully soon)
  2. Hey Dad! I think these look great! 1,5, and 6 are my favorites. I love the high contrast of colors in 1 and 6. And I love the subtlety of the glaze in 5. I have a feeling I will like 3 more when I get to see it in person. I can tell there are stamping details that just aren't coming through in the photograph. I really like the glazing on 2- but like preeta said about image 1, I think the raw clay of the holes needs to be addressed more. #5 the hole areas kind of absorbed some of the glaze and created a patina of sorts, a gradual change from glaze to raw clay. Which is so lovely and I wish 2 had that as well. The only one that I do not like is #4. It seems a bit fleshy. It is a fantastic glaze and I do like the effect. But maybe not on this form- I'm struggling to not see it as phallic. And I hate to say it... as I hate that my work gets compared to anatomy a lot. Now I'm feeling a bit embarrassed so I'm going to go and hide under a rock for a bit. Love ya!
  3. No, i hadn't though of using colored clay. But i do like the idea! Thanks
  4. =) I have been researching places with open studio time. So far I have found two places. One has open studio time everyday from 9-7ish but they require me to take one of their pottery classes first. I'm not opposed to that, however the class times are not the most convenient for me. The other place doesn't require a class. However they only have open studio time one day a week. So it comes down to time in studio and of course the money for their memberships/drop in rates. But I'm still looking. =)
  5. It was very nice to have full access to your studio. It got my creative juices flowing, and now my head is buzzing with ideas. Which is wonderful! Except of course for the fact that now I am home and have no where to work. =/ Guess I'll just have to come and visit again! =) Also, I had to get my talent from somewhere, dad!
  6. Thank you. I will look him up. It sounds very intriguing.
  7. Thanks for the camo analogy. I can see that.
  8. The inspiration for this piece is actually another piece I did last semester. It was the beginning of the class, and the professor wanted to gauge our building knowledge. Requirements were it had to be 30 in tall, 25-50 lbs of clay, and express the concept of home and/or identity. And we only had 2 days to build it. So I built without any planning or intent, other than what "felt" right. It was a very fun and stressful assignment. And I created something I am very proud of. It's not perfect, and there are areas that wish were different. But I really wanted to continue exploring the form. And that what I was attempting. Here is the "inspiration"- although that sounds very pompous to be inspired by myself LOL
  9. here it is bisque with washes on the punctured texture
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys! I will continue experimenting!
  11. Hi guys! My name is Courtney. I have been studying fine arts at Florida Altlantic University, focusing on ceramic sculpture. I have been visiting my dad, jrgpotts, for the summer. And of course making a mess of his studio. Sorry dad! I would love some feedback on the form and on the glazing. I am a hand builder. Most of my work is organic inspired. I try to focus on movement and fluidity in my forms. I utilized two glazes. The dark area is a combination of a basalt glaze with an high cobalt percentage as the base coat and Lynnette's Opal, from john britt's mid range glazes book (pg 118), over top. The lighter area is Lynnette's Opal with copper/rutile and cobalt/rio washes over the textured area. Thanks in advance! Courtney
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