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  1. I have been using the Amaco Obsidian layered with Potter's Choice colors for some really beautiful results. I have planned a new line around this. I had been warned that the dipped and brushed glazes combined don't work well together but I forged ahead anyway because I'm clever. I purchased the bucket of C-1 Obsidian, mixed it, dipped test pieces with it, let dry for 24 hours, layered the PC over, sure enough, crawling. I mixed some gum solution into a pint of it, brushed, layered it, normal results. I contacted Amaco and they have no workaround for me. They said they won't work together without the brushing gum and once the brushing gum is added I cannot dip with it. I know very little about glaze chemistry. Does anyone have any solution for my issue?
  2. I used to be able to upload multiple ones. Now it will only let me upload one at a time. If it's not just me, does anybody know why? I'm using Chrome on PC.
  3. The other issue I'm having is that the glaze is literally powdering off anywhere you touch it. It is not clinging properly to the bisque. So I kind of feel that the addition of at least a small amount of brushing gum would actually solve that problem. I'm to the point where I'm having to hairspray the pieces just so they don't contaminate everything else I'm firing in that load. I have tried some other black glazes but I haven't liked any of them. The Obsidian is a really nice glaze, it does not move at all, fires reliably, has a beautiful smooth gloss to it when fired, and layers well with the PC glazes. I would really like to find a way to make it work without having to be brushed.
  4. Obsidian is glossy as well as the PC glazes I'm using.
  5. Huge changes to the site, major updates, and still you can only upload one image at a time to albums. Still uploading a photo to your profile picture or to a thread is impossible, you must use a photo you already uploaded to an album. One by one. I have gotten to the point that I share very little on here because it's such a hassle. When will those features be updated? Is it considered to be unimportant?
  6. I am deeply regretting that I went ahead and ordered a 10 pound 2 gallon bucket of this glaze ignoring the fact that they told me this would be an issue. *facepalm* Always with the glazes, I think I can ignore everybody else's results and do my own thing. And does it go well for me? No. No, it never does.
  7. I have two pots that I glazed at the same time. One dipped in the black, the other brushed with it. I layered the other glazes over the black exactly the same thickness, and the dipped one crawled and the brushed one didn't. -.- I have been thinking of getting John Britt's Cone 5/6 glaze book and starting to dip my toes into the scary world of mixing my own glazes. Kinda scary at least to me since all I've ever worked with is commercial. One of the issues I've had is that I have such small chunks of time in the studio that I don't want to take up hours upon hours of that precious time with mixing and testing glazes. I've seen it take years for other people and I guess that's what I'm picturing. I don't want to take years! I want to make work now.
  8. I was hoping you would weigh in here.
  9. I don't use enough of each of them to make that worthwhile. One of them, I've had a pint for a whole year and it's got about half still in it.
  10. I like the idea of trying hairspray too. I have tiny test pieces I can play with these ideas. Does anybody know know if I can just add brushing gum to everything and dip anyway? Maybe just thin it more?? So they'll be more compatible.
  11. I haven't tried dipping and immediately brushing. I was letting the dip dry overnight because that's what I always do so it will bond better to the bisque , that's what I do with brushed. It's definitely worth a try though and I like your reasoning, so thanks for the suggestion! I have noticed that same thing with slip too. I'll do a test piece the way you suggested tomorrow and see if it makes a difference. The spraying I don't have time to figure out. Plus they have to be super thickly applied or they don't show up over the black.
  12. Right. I'm trying to find an additive or something that will make it work. They won't ever recommend adding something to their glazes, so I've gotten all the help from them I'm going to get. I figure if there's a workaround someone here will know. Right now my plan is to pour the glaze layer on the inside of the cups and brush the outside so I can layer that part safely. That will take less time than brushing everything.
  13. Wildflower Cream pitcher

    Thank you darlin'!
  14. Wildflower Bowl in Red

    It is two juicy layers of Amaco Deep Firebrick with one thin runny layer of Laguna Dynasty Red over the top. It's very pretty in person with lots of surface interest and the speckles in the Deep Firebrick come through.
  15. Wildflower Bowl in Red

    From the album California Wildflowers

    © Copyright 2017 Giselle No. 5 Ceramics, Giselle Massey, all rights reserved

  16. Now that you mention this, Joseph, I have found that when I am doing very wide round forms of any kind, I leave quite a bit of extra clay at the base to trim off so it's better supported. That really helps.
  17. Wildflower Bowl in Teal

    From the album California Wildflowers

    © Copyright 2017 Giselle No. 5 Ceramics, Giselle Massey, all rights reserved

  18. You just described 95% of what comes up on Etsy when you search "handmade mug". It is SO upsetting especially since there are so many absolutely drop dead gorgeous TRULY HANDMADE mugs on that site.
  19. Handle and carving detail of wildflower mug

  20. From the album California Wildflowers

    © Copyright Giselle No. 5 Ceramics, Giselle Massey, 2017, all rights reserved

  21. Wildflower Bowl in Teal

    Thank you!
  22. I want to be clear that in my dislike of "ugly work" I refer to deliberately ugly or damaged work, or work that is made by someone with years of experience and yet it is still not properly made or attractive in any way. Beginner work I find endearing especially as often you can see a little spark of potential that is exciting. I have plenty of my own beginner work surrounding me to help me remember where I was in the beginning and how far I still have to go. I have found items online, some made by an art teacher, that were literally so hideous, so poorly made, that I had a physical reaction to them of pain and revulsion. They were not beginner ceramics. It especially bothered me that the art teacher was actually spreading their "wisdom" to others.
  23. I share your opinion of gold lustre. I have seen people who cover large portions of their work with gold lustre and I feel it is ostentatious. This particularly grates on me when the work is not even well made, and they're adding gold to it. I won't name names, but I can think of a few. I am so curious, what do you consider to be excessive use of overglaze enamels? No need to give specific examples, I'm just curious what kind of work you are discussing. Majolica, for example, or highly pigmented Japanese painted ceramics?

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