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    Glaze Disposal

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I think if I had a quantity of hazmat-level (in the raw) glaze I would rather use it to glaze up some planters and get rid of it that way. Just don't like the idea of keeping a cylinder of raw glaze around until full and then firing it. love to hear how that works out...
  2. Rae Reich

    Using Elements and Element Pins in

    Assuming you want to use the wire as a decorative element, you shouldn't have a problem with sticking just one end of the wire into the clay, or two ends with the coil above the clay, but pressing/laying wire into clay might create some shrinkage cracks. If you have time, the best thing to do is to test.
  3. I got a quart of UV sealer from Dick Blick a few years ago. Brand name Ronan, Aquathane Waterborne Aliphatic Urethane Clear, Ultra Violet Absorber Flat. have fun!
  4. Rae Reich

    Glaze Disposal

    I referred to glaze vitrification. It seems like one would want to fire the waste glaze only to the point where it can no longer be reconstituted with water. That's the point I labeled (possibly erroneously) as glaze vitrification. Maybe it's just quartz inversion. Would anyone care to fire to glaze maturation a cylinder full of dry glaze material!?! Wouldn't that cylinder be stressed much more than one which was merely coated thinly with glaze?
  5. Rae Reich

    Building a kiln

    Down here in SoCal there are remarkably few restrictions. In Orange they are classified with gas barbecues, in Anaheim a rather expensive permit must be pulled if you want to install a dedicated gas line. I suggest you walk into your local fire station and ask them what the regulations are for your area. Many firemen and women are potters and they have a practical understanding and appreciation of safety issues. Invite them over to see your setup and advise you. It's also handy to know that your first responders have some familiarity with your situation, so if a concerned neighbor (who you neglected to invite to your first raku firing) calls the FD when they see smoke they can all be reassured because you gave the FD a heads up before firing.
  6. Cool! What cone did you glaze to?
  7. Rae Reich

    Thinning a Commercial Brush Glaze

    Since the plate-shaped clay molecules are brought into alignment and more strength by the rotational nature of pug mills, wedging, centering, etc, then it would seem that pulled handles would be at least marginally stronger during the forming process (bend a freshly extruded handle and a pulled one to breaking point). After firing - not so sure, handles are fragile anyway. I would think that compressed, extruded handles are stronger than slip-cast handles.
  8. Rae Reich

    Can I refire a gas kiln?

    They can be re-fired in a better reduction and the glazes will reduce. Conversely, you can refire a nicely reduced pot in oxidation and lose the effect again. Good luck.
  9. Rae Reich

    Gas Kiln Continued

    I was assuming an overbuilt, double thick stack.
  10. Rae Reich

    Gas Kiln Continued

    With Venturi burners going horizontally, there needs to be a baffle (not necessarily a whole wall) a few inches in from the port to deflect the flame/heat upwards and to the sides. Your trench is for forced air. it sounds like you're thinking that you can't stack shelves above the trenches, but you can. Are you doing a stacked brick chimney up the back side? Fireplace brick will probably be ok for that. Sorry you're on the steep side of the learning curve, although that's where the best lessons are. Wait...how do you access your burners when they're plumb up against the chimney?
  11. Rae Reich

    Used Lokerbie opinions?

    The gradual slowing of the kickwheel is what taught me how the speed of the wheel needs to match the speed of my actions on the clay. If you don't require speedy production for your work, I think the lack of machine noise and a more leisurely mode of throwing allows for thoughtful inventiveness of form. That said, you can control the rate of speed pretty well with an electric wheel too. I would love to have a motor for my Lockerbie, my knees aren't what they used to be.
  12. Rae Reich

    Shipping season really?

    My tenant gets refrigerated medicine regularly in styrofoam coolers shipped inside perfectly fitting cardboard boxes. I saved these for a while, hoping to find a use other than my fantasy of building an igloo, but now mostly throw them out except for a few used to store caulk and putty, etc in the tool shed. I imagine zillions of these arriving to folks who also throw them away. Maybe ask at nursing homes?
  13. Why not make a clay positive from the polymer clay negative, using it as a press mold coated with a little WD40? Then you can add whatever - portrait, name, quote - in preferred size. Use ^06 clay for least shrinkage.
  14. City of Orange started a Street Fair in our traffic circle in the 70's that was primarily crafts with a few local groups selling specialty food. It went pretty well for the first few years, but gradually accumulated lots more "international food" and beer booths. Impossible for folks to put down their eats and beers to pick up a pot (and you know that the touching = the selling). I miss the old fair. Fine Arts Gallery - I was "adopted" by the owner of a gallery who displayed my work alongside oil paintings on antique tables and sideboards, until she died. Bless Arvilla Hunney <3. She got astounding prices for me.
  15. Rae Reich

    If one of your students....

    Sounds like the unpredictability of the whole ceramics process annoys her. Maybe she could be gently directed to painting or stained glass classes where the colors don't change on her.
  16. Yikes! I think I shop like a man! Thanks, Gabby. Whatever the reasons for your Research, your results are gratefully accepted.
  17. How wonderful to combine the disciplines! One of my fellow JC students, a middle-aged woman, decided to go into archaeology and I envied her. There has been so much useful information found in shard deposits. And I'm pretty good at fitting pieces back together.....the road not taken.
  18. Rae Reich

    Mocha diffusion improvising

    Rust, ground finely, is iron oxide, roughly. Chris Campbell will know....
  19. I'll check back later. I like the way you're psyching out your marketing to appeal to men as well - an underappreciated sector with potential for growth. Once, at a two-day sale, I watched a man standing just outside my space looking at something. Next day he came back especially for a black (tenmoku) pot. I was pleased to know that piece was carefully considered. Maybe men make fewer impulse purchases of art?
  20. Rae Reich

    Gas Kiln Continued

    Shelf stacking: a useful technique to allow the use of shelves that, side-by-side, would be too wide is to overlap them by an amount that will allow you to place smaller items beneath the overlap. Posts go on outside corners and at center of overlap (always aligned with lower posts). This sort of stacking not only allows heat to travel through the center of the load, but can give you a little more clearance for fingers on the sides when loading. In my catenary kiln, this kind of staggering was essential, but it works in square and rectangular kilns as well.
  21. Rae Reich

    Glaze Disposal

    A glazed vessel will absorb no water from a glaze, so only the top surface exposed to air. Bisque will continuously absorb and evaporate. Either way, there will be much less volume of dry material when the water has finally gone - just a layer on the bottom in a glazed vessel, a coating on bottom and sides in bisque. Adding more glaze to dry at that point to fill the vessel will just wet all the contents. To avoid glaze dust, the nearly-dry puddle can be broken up and put in the bisque vessel to await additions until about half full. If you only fire to vitrification, ^06, it shouldn't put too much stress on the piece. Hope others will contradict me if my assumptions about glaze vitrification are wrong.....
  22. Learning to throw dry (ok, very little water) saves lots of drying time. It also minimizes slop clean-up.
  23. It's a Dish. Lee, today your site keeps crashing on me. Hope it's just "under construction ."
  24. Are the French butterfishes saltwater or fresh? Mmmmm, deep fried in a panko crust!
  25. Rae Reich

    Glaze Disposal

    If you fire a liner glaze first, the cylinder will no longer be porous to absorb the waste glaze and it will take forever to dry. Or, you could pour the glaze out in a puddle to dry first and fire the cylinder full of dried glaze.

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