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    12 years as a potter, student, always. Cone 6 - functional, mostly.

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  1. Glaze Question - Strontium Crystal Magic

    wow. good info, thanks.
  2. I do this often and don't have that problem, I bisque to 04. also might try diluting the oxide a bit. I use underglaze for this technique
  3. I sign every piece with my first initial, last name. I agree that the average buyer has so little understanding of hand made that unless it is signed, they thing you bought it and are doing resale. I get asked constantly in my show booth, "Where do you buy this stuff" Oh, Lord. I made a signature stamp by signing a plaster slab, then carving out the lines with a v shaped metal tool,, pressing a chunk of porcelain into it and bisque firing the reverse. had to make a few before I got it just right, but it works very well. Things that can't be stamped, I use a dull pencil and clean up when readying for bisque.
  4. Tools for throwing dry

    Doc, I NEED to see a picture of what you are describing. I love gizmoes.
  5. Recommended electric potter's wheel

    whoa, I NEED to see this. Sort of like the Strong arm tool but with a roller, how clever.
  6. I always thought centering distributed the clay evenly so that when the walls were raised, they were even in height, but this Morning I watched a video of Ben Owens beating a BIG lumpy ball of clay into an even shape and then pounding his fist into it with the wheel turning slowly to open it . So, was that clay centered? Or is he strong enough with large enough hands that he centered the pounded open ring and went from there?
  7. Recommended electric potter's wheel

    Doc, you have a WHAT? roller based centering tool ? These sore hands are curious.
  8. Extruder recommendations

    I bought the big square Scott Creek, I preferred their way of making hollow extrusions, and am glad I did. I figured I could make smaller pieces from a large box easier than I could make larger pieces from a smaller box.
  9. what is your favorite wax resist?

    Can Mobil wax be thinned? Mine seems to be a lot thicker than when I open the new bottle only a month or so ago. It hasn't dried well either. ???
  10. After quite a few years of this clay addiction, my fingers are giving me trouble. Seems to be centered around gripping tools. Do any of you have good ideas for trimming tools that are more user friendly? I am thinking about whether wrapping the handles to make them larger in diameter, thus having to close my fingers less to grip them, might help.
  11. I thought it interesting that no waxing over the black inlay was done, just glaze dipped over and then ...sanded?.. off. It would be difficult for me to sand, or remove the overglaze, that perfectly.
  12. Speckled Clay Body

    why not just buy speckled clay? H ighwater does speckled brownstone and a darker, Red Rock, and Tucker makes a white and a red speckled.l
  13. I am also emboldened to start pouring me some plaster! Do any of you have suggestions for how to make an empty space in the center of big hump molds? If I oil the outside of a smaller bowl, can I sink it up to it's rim in the still fluid plaster filling the larger bowl, there by having a lighter mold of the larger bowl? And using less plaster.
  14. I'm having trouble getting anywhere with this search. Not so very long ago there was a thread on making hump moulds from bisque slabs instead of plaster, with suggestions of how thick , etc. Do any of you remember who started it, or how to find it? Search mode just sent me in circles. TIA