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    Pottery is my way to relax and it has gone from a hobby to keeping me 'very relaxed' as it is taking up more of my time. I enjoy mid to high fire and raku. Always like to see and try new things and that Is why I value this forum so much. Everyone shares and helps out. Thanks to all!

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  1. Thanks so much for the info - not exactly what I wanted to hear. Spring/ Summer 2018 is the last issue I received with my subscription to extend for another year. Thanks for the offer to share your existing magazines but I have every issue printed, back to where it was more of a printed newsletter in the beginning. To students I always described Clay Ties as the magazine where the authors said "I made this and this is how you can too'. Articles shared info freely and you could tell the potter loved what he/she was doing. Hopefully someone else will start another printed magazine as I am
  2. This is a magazine that I have always thought so very welcoming and useful. While cleaning I came across a past issue and wondered where my recent issues are. Looking became searching and I can't find any since Spring/summer 2018 (my subscription was longer than that), my subscription must have ended, without a renewal notice, or the magazine died...a while ago. Their website references my last issue received -and a phone call goes to a machine. Did I miss its demise? I always felt it was such a good magazine filled with useful info both for the new aspiring potter and those experienced.
  3. Thanks everyone. I realize there is much to see at NCECA, and in the end, there will not be time to see it all. I and a friend will be going up one day to see what we have time to experience. It seems like too good of an event to skip when it is so close. I am sure we will come home with lots of new ideas ad knowledge (and realizing we have LOTS to learn). Having never been to something of this scope, everything will be great to see and experience. Hope to notice many CAD members there. Diz
  4. NCECA will be in Minneapolis in late March. Altho I am just a hobby potter, it is a great temptation to visit and see all the potters demos, displays, sales and everything else. However the price puts me off. I know that I will/can not spend $150 for a one day visit. Combined with our MN winter thus far (30+" of snow so far just this month) as well as the horrendous construction going on to enter MSP from the south, I am never excited about the drive into MSP. I see that Wednesday and Saturday have reduced fees but how much of the show is up and running on those days? I hate to pass up t
  5. Great work! Please include a picture of the glaze fired piece so we can see the vibrancy of the underglazes that you chose. Someone will be very pleased to have that piece.
  6. Thank you Pres!! So much info in one place. Have made a copy to keep in my studio and also to take to our Art Center. Students can look up info on these pages rather than having to look in our actual book. I think the quality of our actual book will be better without all the clay fingerprints on pages too.
  7. Finally had time to watch S's video. Question S - did you find a way to remove the original head from the wheel or was it already detached when you got the wheel. Our splash pan is similar but with a flatter bottom, and also has a similar lower collar as part of the splash pan. Our original head has only a 1/4" recessed plaster bat area rather than deep like yours, but it has the same deep exterior outside collar so that 2 collars have only about 1/8" between them when assembled. See attached picture that I took by sliding my phone down into the splash pan. I figure that the hex screws s
  8. Thank you both! Guess another trip to the art center is in order.
  9. Here I am again looking for information from those who know far more than I do... At our local art center we have an old kick wheel that has birthed many pots. (Hopefully some of you recognize the brand from the picture.) This wheel is as solid as a rock and the only thing that we want to improve on is the wheel head. We have no idea what company made this so we can't look to them for answers to our questions. Someone just gave us a wheel head they no longer use and we'd like to switch the wheel heads but this wheel is built like a brick .... house. Very hard to move, still very sturd
  10. Might your underglaze not be applied evenly? If so, the streaking may be caused by uneven layers of underglaze. Remember to apply more than one layer of underglaze (painted on in various directions).
  11. Thanks for the comments - and pretty much what I expected answers to be - it's lousy as one of the gals started in the studio recently and really loves to work in clay. Hopefully her Dr will give his blessing to work in clay at home as she progresses thru her treatment. Otherwise it can be a reward (and celebration) when she finally reaches the end of her chemo.
  12. I have a couple friends who have recently been diagnosed with cancer. Both will be starting the chemo regimen. Neither will work while going thru chemo, and they are focused on keeping positive thoughts and staying as active as their health will allow. Both have a bit of clay experience and have wondered about working in the clay studio at our local art center. I feel that the studio would be a calming and relaxing place for them but whether they work in the studio or at home with clay, I have concerns about possible negative health effects since the chemo will cause changes in their immun
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