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  1. that is not my profile feed--i have never sent a picture--maybe  someone  sent theirs to the wrong place by mistake!

    1. High Bridge Pottery
    2. oldlady


      that photo is from one of my albums.  i do not think i did this, if so, it is a mistake.  do not know how to fix it.  sorry, who knows how to fix this?  alice

    3. claygram


      thanks oldlady--as long as you don't think i "adopted " it.   when i saw it i wished i had a nice set up like yours for my craft sales!!  i have not had a camera since digital hit the market and do not have a cell phone (or a tv)--but i do have my pots to keep my mind and body working--life is good!!

  2. thank you for showing your experience--you must all have had a wonderful time
  3. you have your own style--they are lovely bright happy pots--and doesn't nature put all her colors together without worrying !
  4. go for it joseph -- you can commute every day so no hotel expense! have a friend who traveled almost three hours each morning so she could manage a wood firing workshop. listen to old lady.
  5. John After finally managing to read through the papers describing in great detail the Japanese Tea Ceremony (and I will say it did take a very long time!), I will never feel quite the same when I pour the boiling water over my tea bags or pop it into the micro wave. Such a wonderful world we share--many thanks. Ginny
  6. John I have just returned from visiting your exhibit at Thayer. I am a fortunate one who lives only a twenty minute drive away and had been looking forward to it. I have not words to describe it--I went by myself and was the only one in the gallery ( it was around noon) which made it perfect. All I had to do is look and absorb for as long as I chose -- all these beautiful jewels -- the gold lining sure surprised me! So many looked as though you had just plucked them from the earth as they were growing there! Thank you for the once in a lifetime opportunity. sincerely Ginny
  7. Cavy So good to see you again--miss all your beautiful work and think of you often. Best wishes in your new work--certainly looks awesome to me!
  8. i suppose no different than carrying buckets of water down to my cellar and back up to dump outside--been doing it for almost 30 years--we potters make do!
  9. what a clever idea! I still have my 50-year old machine and it is like new. Made clothes for myself, my children and quilts for my grandchildren and so much more. then i found pottery ...maybe will try a few of these for fun--thanks mark.
  10. Besides throwing so well, I love the very tiny specks that give it more life than just a plain white and my glazes look better on this clay than on any other that I have used ( and there were very many that I tried over the years). I make simple utilitarian pots and I am not good at drawing or painting so I like the few glazes I use to give them appeal. Good luck with your search. Ginny
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