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  1. I get along very well with Tucker's MCS, very white good for throwing and handbuilding. nice bright glazes.
  2. what about developing yur own chart, based on how you throw now. When I get a new form the size and shape I want, I record in a binder the weight of clay used, the size I open to and the wall and finished rim size. then when I want to go back to it it's way easier. When I started I wrote the size clay I had used on the bats of the freshly thrown pieces, then measured after they were glazed. I developed from there.v
  3. Weeeeellll, took a box of ikibana bowls to gallery today that had been in my car over night with 19* temps. 2 of them had there pin frogs rolling loose around in the bowl. So, I guess freezing is the answer. durn. Never had that happen be fore.
  4. have any of you had any success in UNgluing something from a pottery piece that is glued on with e6000? I have 4 broken ikibana bowls that I would like to get the large pin frogs out of to reuse.
  5. I bought a stack of hand sized towels and a few bath sized from the overstock store in a light mud color! they don't show stains from the red clay and they look better.
  6. a thought ina bit different direction. I know where you are, I have been there, most of us have. When hand made pottery first started showing up in my area after a trade school open a ceramics dept, people didn't know good from poorly made and all sorts of student work was offered up for sale, hundreds of 'learner pieces' at school sales. Guess what, the best sold! The rest didn't. the better the pottery got, the more demanding of quality the local buyers became. Heavy, lumpy oddly glazed pieces still do sell here,( make it blue) but better pottery sells better. When a local complained
  7. ah, Pres, back when a kid had to actually achieve something to get the trophy.
  8. I have the Thomas Stuart with the big splash pan and it sits me 2.5"farther from the center of the wheel that the more standard 2 piece pans do . I am struggling with arm shoulder issues when throwing smaller pieces like mugs at the center of the wheel .
  9. I am so glad to hear that someone else despises those tiny nozzled squeeze bottles. I simply can not get them to work for anything. going looking for a ruling pen. I love how reading through various questions on this forum sets me off on the next journey!
  10. whoa, I NEED to see this. Sort of like the Strong arm tool but with a roller, how clever.
  11. Doc, you have a WHAT? roller based centering tool ? These sore hands are curious.
  12. I bought the big square Scott Creek, I preferred their way of making hollow extrusions, and am glad I did. I figured I could make smaller pieces from a large box easier than I could make larger pieces from a smaller box.
  13. Can Mobil wax be thinned? Mine seems to be a lot thicker than when I open the new bottle only a month or so ago. It hasn't dried well either. ???
  14. After quite a few years of this clay addiction, my fingers are giving me trouble. Seems to be centered around gripping tools. Do any of you have good ideas for trimming tools that are more user friendly? I am thinking about whether wrapping the handles to make them larger in diameter, thus having to close my fingers less to grip them, might help.
  15. I thought it interesting that no waxing over the black inlay was done, just glaze dipped over and then ...sanded?.. off. It would be difficult for me to sand, or remove the overglaze, that perfectly.
  16. why not just buy speckled clay? H ighwater does speckled brownstone and a darker, Red Rock, and Tucker makes a white and a red speckled.l
  17. I'm having trouble getting anywhere with this search. Not so very long ago there was a thread on making hump moulds from bisque slabs instead of plaster, with suggestions of how thick , etc. Do any of you remember who started it, or how to find it? Search mode just sent me in circles. TIA
  18. I also use the cardboard slab the size of the kiln minus 2" as a fail safe when making large pieces. But...as to the firing on a slant, doesn't it come really close, or even touch, the elements? how can that survive the uneven heating?
  19. don't have size advice, but my sprayers would clog with that thickness!
  20. I used a wheel like that in school. to solve your problem, I used foam board, like road side political signs are made of, ought to be some good use for all that littler! I took 3, made hinges from duct tape and sat the hinged 3 piece shield on the wheel base, outside of the wheel. while it did not catch everything, it caught lots. I just carefully picked it up and gathered the trimming off the base. Also, I expect you are right, you are having lots of trimmings right now. I make a point of trimming the freshly thrown pot as close as possible BEFORE wiring off the pot, really cuts down on trimm
  21. Although I am often trying a new glaze, I do work, glaze, in color groups so that when I set up a display it looks planned, not random, 2nd hand store looking. I will glaze several larger pieces and lots of smaller in about 4 different colors for a set up at a show. Next show may have different colors. but still in the blue green brown range. I will plan a set of pieces with the same design and glaze and do that in 2-3 different glazes.
  22. I only fire in oxidation, but it's possible . I will try it and see what I get. Thanks
  23. I have lost the recipe to a glaze I have a test tile for that I really like and would like to reproduce. the tile and the test tub is labeled Opalescent Chun . The tile is a medium blue with a hint of lavender, satin smooth, some breaking on texture. Do any of you know this glaze? I "THINK" I may have gotten it a Odessey clay works in Asheville, but they say the don't remember it.
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