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  1. I dont use this for my studio but because we run off a well I havent been wanting to take hundreds of gallons of water for my aquaponics. So Ive used 55 gallon drums as rain barrels which you can find for very cheap and add a bulk head fitting on the bottom. Recently, I took an extra cut IBC tote and placed it near a gutter. The gutter catches an 8 by 8 area worth of tin roof and during the last storm I got 150 gallons worth of water. Totes can be found as cheap as 50 bucks in most areas. You could very easily set one up in an area that is advantageous and have a lot of water at your disposal after a rain. I hooked up a hose so I utilize the gravity and pressure but Harbor Freight sells good water (fountain) pumps at very good prices. Pretty sure a small one inside the bottom of a tote with the outlet directed horizontally to where you need it, through a bulk head fitting that is, and have it linked to a lightswitch as your on/off could work well. Pumps are rated for the GPH and Head lift. Im sure pushing horizonally will give a little bit better performance than pushing out and up the tank then down again.
  2. That is very good to know. I was liking the shimpos price on that one lol oh well I guess if youre planning to spend 900 whats 1000. Im not too worried about the splash pan atm. I can understand what you mean, although Im still a messy one in the studio. I was looking at the 3 different options for their 1/3hp. I cant remember if I cared whether or I was able to use reverse in school, seems its a difference of 200 bucks.
  3. Hope I posted this in the right area. So Im shopping for whats hopefully my last big buy for my studio. I live near Clay-King so Ive perused their selection of potters wheels. Im looking for one that will be good to start throwing again and be a lasting addition in my studio for some time. I only was only throwing small things when I was in college and I really dont think Ill be throwing anything particularly huge in the future, yet I want a broad spectrum of options. What seems to be the best bang for my buck is the Shimpo 1/2hp VL Whisper. I know Brents are of great quality and that theyre the main company to occupy classrooms, at least when I was in school. So from those with more of experienced view am I in the right direction?
  4. HaHaHaHa!!! I had the same thing. but it was still swimming around. I'm in SC, where are you?

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