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QotW: Show us a favorite mug you have made, and one you have acquired.

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Drinking coffee this morning, wondered who else has a favorite mug they have made, and a favorite mug that they have acquired from someone else. I believe this question was asked a while back, but time has passed along with Covid. . . 

QotW: Show us a favorite mug you have made, and one you have acquired.


I have included two of my favorite mugs, the one on the left is a reject of mine, but it fits my hand well, holds a good cup of coffee and kisses my lips.

The one on the right is from a trip into New England years ago, and I don't know who the maker is as we have lost his card. We bough it in his studio give shop. I was pleased with the flowers and the quick natural strokes of the brush depicting them.





2Fav Mugs.JPG

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The 2 on the left are mine, all I have remaining from my  mug-making days; I don't throw anymore & don't really have the interest in doing them handbuilt or w/a banding wheel--well, maybe for my own use...never say never. The blue/gray one I got not too long ago at the last NH Studio Tour, made by Steven Zoldac (claim to fame, he does exquisite slip trailing, which this does not begin to show off, and he's Maureen Mills' hubby.) The red clay was also one of his that I had just loved, but alas I broke it and there are no more. These have terrific handles and drink like a dream (so do mine, actually.)


20230529_220441 (3).jpg


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Interesting subject,   I sold my most interesting cup a year ago to a customer who broke one of a set.   I made them for valentines day.   The top was heart shaped,  to create that shape one side had deep crease down it.   For some reason people ignored the heart shape and liked the crease area calling it a butt mug.   Just for fun I put a tattoo on the bottom of the cup,  so the person sitting across from you gets a glimpse.  Conversation starter.   They didn't sell well because they were a 6oz coffee cup size,  the people who did like them were into very strong and very hot coffee.  They told me that the curve of the cup helped keep it hot and it was small enough that to refill frequently with hot coffee.   I am not much of a coffee drinker I didn't realize that people wanted to buy large mugs.     Denice

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