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Bisque Temperature

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Hi I have a shelf or two that's empty in my glazefire, can I put some pieces in there that need to be bisque fired eventhough I'm firing that to cone 5? I usually bisque to cone 04. I just don't have any other glazed pieces right now and what's loaded is time sensitive, so I need to fire it this weekend. (student work)

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If you are going to glaze those pieces, no , as those pots won't accept the glaze after reaching the glaze temperature. Those pots could be painted....

Also as greenware you would have to alter the start of your glaze firing. So use schedule for a bisque firing until 600 deg Çelcius then fire as usual for a glaze firing

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I have done it, with mixed results. As @Babshas said the pots won't accept glaze. . .however there are workarounds. I heat the pots up first, one at a time, then dip and spray on the glazes. You have to handle the pots carefully as the glaze will not be as absorbed into the pot so it will rub off easily. All of my efforts have left some pots with more of a salt fired effect, or some with blotches of glaze and some thin areas. So it is a toss up. If these pieces are valuable to you. .. .don't! 

If you decide to do it alter your firing cycle for greenware as Babs has said also.




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