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Epoxy and D-Rings for Hanging Work?


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Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and seeking guidance. I'm looking to hang some large pieces in the range of 12" x 18." Some are flat, some more wavy (I can't seem to attach photos, but hopefully these links work for reference:  https://www.instagram.com/p/CiXguVvgzhq/  and https://www.instagram.com/p/CiczfrqOKhy/ ) 

The main recommendation that I've gotten  so far (and also seen mentioned here on this incredibly useful site! Thank you in particular to @Bill Kielb for your posts) is to use epoxy to attach two D-Ring hangers to the back of the pieces.  I bought J-B Weld Original Cold-Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy and used it on a test piece today (still setting) but very open to other suggestions if anyone thinks there's a better option??

I've also read about using epoxy to first attach wood to the back of the ceramic piece, and then glue or drill D-Rings into that wood. Is this method considerably stronger?  I don't currently have a way to cut pieces of wood to size, but I could try to figure it out that's considered better than using epoxy to directly adhere metal to ceramic. The gallery where these are being shown requires D-Rings so looking for the most secure way to use them. Somewhat terrified of these things falling off the wall! 

Thanks so much for any and all tips and tricks! 


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18 hours ago, Swen said:

The gallery where these are being shown requires D-Rings so looking for the most secure way to use them

Have you considered something like this ? (Search 'plate hanger' in your favorite web search engine, or on-line shopping sites.  May also be available in a nearby hobby/craft store.)

Unless they specifically require the D-rings to be permanently attached directly to the piece, I'm thinking you could attach them to the wire/string that connects the 'clips' - and not have to wonder whether the epoxy will hold 'long enough'...  And, the whole assembly could be easily removed if you want to display the work differently somewhere else.


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It looks like you could do both, an epoxy plus a mechanical hanger on your pieces. It would be too late for the ones you have already made but going forward it could work. While wet I inserted a 12 gauge piece of nichrome into the back of a slab then worked the clay over the wires that imbedded into the slab, they are where the blue lines are in the image, towards the top of the piece. While working the slab was kept propped up on a waster slab the height of the hanger (with a groove cut out the depth of the hanger then fired on it. After firing I added some 2 part epoxy around the wire. I didn't think it would come loose but just to make it look more secure as people can't see the imbedded wire.



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