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The last show in the desert

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Been doing a show in a small town in the desert east of Las Vegas for about 30 years now. It was cancelled last year and I let my fees roll forward and its coming up in about 3 weeks.

Last one in 2019 was best ever for that show. Its the most open show in a breezy loction in a grassy park under a huge shade tree. No canopy  used as it not needed and usually to windy. I just walk away from booth when done  every night as the town is sleepy and no issues ever with theft in 30 years. I am the only one who does this I should add. One whole day to set up (friday)  and van is 6 feet from booth and stays there for whole show. show is a early am start usually sales start by 8 am and is dead at 5 pm.Show is easy and I do it solo usually.

show is a mix of fine art and real crap not made by anyone locally (buy and sell) Its in 3 parks and I am not in the fine art park. They always wanted me up there but you need to pack your stuff in and no shade tree so I always have stayed under the shade in park with lots of buy and sell and my stuff really jumps out next to junk.People love the shade when its hot and it usally is.

I think this will be the last show for me there. I never say never but will fly a sign saying I;m done most likely.The show is just a bit to far as it just over 1,000 mile each way. I no longer need shows outside my area as well. Its part of my slow down plan.

Most of my fellow artists have quit the show  by now and I'm one of the last hold outs-its been a very good show for me and I always fit in another wholesale drop off after show  on this trip in Santa Barbara and I get to vistit my sister there as well. I always fit a medical appointment in SF on way home as well. 8 days on the road this time around. 

This years whole sale order is huge at a small gallery that only sells pottery in Harmony Ca.I will meet the owner after selling to him for over 10 years without meeting him. We have a stop on the road to fill his forester on the day we head north from SB to SF. in a parking lot. I will have about 20 banana boxes stuffed for him. He always cuts me a check the second he gets the pots -best business man/woman I have ever dealt with. He is also a potter so he knows the drill. His shop carries lost of potters work from all over the USA.Never been there myself-its in a town with population of 10. On the main US 1 highway  popular with tourist route up to big sur and Hearst Castle

I have loved mixing whole sale order drops with shows  over the years as you really get home with a  extra large payday. This will be the last one of these for me. Next year I'll take it south and not do the show but still visit my sister and my nephews.

Next year my plan is only one out of area show and one local show and my own xmas sale as usual.I'm slowing it down to local sales and even that is going to slow down as I stop supplying a few outlets (I have 9 locally this year)


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Slowing down is good, Mark! Sometimes it's difficult to stop what you've been doing for decades...I was in the remodeling business for more than 35 years. I retired from it 3 years ago but still have a few long time clients that I do minor handyman stuff for. I've moved on to farming, pottery, and now drone photography to keep the creative juices flowing...How are the hands doing ?

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I had the same bone removed as you in left thumb ,the lower bone, last Jan. 19th this year.

I rehabed it and am now only experiencing a weaker wrist and some minor pains now and then

The unusual  deal is my wife had the same bone removed on May 18th on same hand-same surgeon

I asked for a two for one deal but it was no go.

That surgeon was trained 20 years ago my my  surgeon who did  my PRC 11 years ago on right wrist. She is now at Yale and this one is in Northern Bay Area (SF)

This clay work has taken its toll on my hands for sure.After 11 years now with my peter pugger I wish I had one 30 years ago.

Apple juicing this weekend for us now as well as rototilling the garden with a winter cover crop before i leave for big show trip.

Always something around here to do.

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All of this getting older is tough, especially these latest years. My wife fell on Sunday while we were working on renovations in an old farmhouse 150 miles away from our home. Tripped over a loose carpet pad, fell against the wall onto exposed carpet stretcher strips. Broke her rt arm, way she fell was obvious she broke it, she sat up rearranged the arm and said she had broken it, then nearly passed out. We could not get her down the steep narrow stairs with her fading in and out so called and ambulance.  At the hospital for nearly 6 hrs before they decided they could do nothing for her, but the Dr.s in our city told the ER dr. to use a restraining sling and send her home. She is still waiting on appointment on Wednesday. Problem is 5 years ago she fell in the gymnasium at our HS when watching a volleyball tournament. Had to have an inverse shoulder replacement. The new break is just below the titanium prothesis. The fix will require surgery.  

 Golden years. . . didn't tell use they would be tarnished!




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