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Underglaze paints

Beliz Çıta

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8 hours ago, Beliz Çıta said:

which has underglaze paints

Welcome to the forum @Beliz Çıta

Please update your details and let us know where in the world you are located.  That will help with recommendations of brands etc.

Also, please note that underglaze is underglaze.  Not underglaze paint.  Paint does not go into a kiln.  Or if it does, it rarely ever survives.

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Commercial underglazes can be applied to leather hard, bone dry, or bisque. I prefer to apply them before bisque because then the binders and hardeners burn out in the bisque and they take glaze better. I use Speedball brand underglazes, which are usually the least expensive. All brands work well, though, it just depends on the colors you want and how much you want to pay. Most colors hold up well at cone 6, but you may want to test any colors with the glaze you plan to use to see how they hold up.

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