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Electric brown clay. glaze recommendations?

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I'm looking for some commercial glazes that show up nice and bright on Laguna's electric brown clay body..  light greens or blues, maybe even some pastel pinks or purples? Any suggestions?  I've got enough options for darker, more natural looking glazes but want to expand to something lighter, brighter, cheerier...

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Dark claybodies like the Laguna Electric Brown will subdue and mute many glazes compared to if the same glazes were used on a white stoneware or porcelain. For pastel colours I would either look for an opaque glaze or consider using a white slip over the clay so the glaze colour isn't as affected by the iron (and maybe manganese) in the body. I don't use commercial glazes so I can't help there but maybe someone who does will chime in.

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I like slip over brown clay but I really really like glazes on brown clay as well.  Muted? Meh, I wouldn't call it that.  I'm assuming if you're using a dark clay, that you're using it for a reason.  Mainly because it's brown!  

I don't have any specific recommendations for commercial glazes, because I don't use them, but if you decide you'd like to mix your own glazes I have many many recommendations for glazes that work on my brown clay.

That underlying darkness adds a whole lot more depth to glaze work than a bright white background, so muted is not what in would call it.  I'd call it nuance, because there is so much more to look at.  Add white slip like the photo I'm posting at the end here, and you're going to see marvelous contrast in most glazes.  With that dark depth and bright highlight



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Another option to the white slip is to use a liner glaze, or white glaze on most of the areas of the pot, and then paint, dip, sponge or spray your colors over. I find this works exceptionally well with the hazelnut brown I use from Standard Ceramic. It works well if you leave areas such as the shoulder to rim bare, and the shoulder to base covered with the white glaze.





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"Variagated" and "Teal Blue" look good on this red clay, imo - they look good on buff clay too; recipes from Bill Van Gilder's book.

The matt white (powder from Aardvark) looks better on the red clay, again, imo - there's clay character bleeding through.

Some glazes that aren't fully opaque, e.g. Lakeside Pottery clear blue, Selsor Celedon, look better on the red clay. Shout if you want recipes.

Slipping the red clay over light clay has been fun for me.


ab red clay.JPG


aa red clay.jpg

ac red clay.JPG

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err, teal!
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