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  1. I'm looking for some commercial glazes that show up nice and bright on Laguna's electric brown clay body.. light greens or blues, maybe even some pastel pinks or purples? Any suggestions? I've got enough options for darker, more natural looking glazes but want to expand to something lighter, brighter, cheerier...
  2. I had been using underglaze which works great but had wanted to try a colored clay body to reduce a step in the process and get a little more precision. Ive been making very tiny roses and so the amount of clay actually needed is quite minimal.
  3. Sorry for my ignorance, does this mean that my clear glaze must have the CaO in it to hold the crimson color in the clay body? Is this something that can be added?
  4. Hello all. I recently started experimenting with mixing Mason stains in with my b-mix clay body. The green I tried came out beautifully, but the crimson when fired to cone 6 was left with no color. Any suggestions? I thought maybe I hadn't done a high enough percentage, but after doubling the amount it still was the same amount of colorless. I just did a small pebble of clay and left one side unglazed and covered the other with Mayco's zinc free clear and that didn't keep the color in either.
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