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Ceramic coat hook


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Well, not quite for coats, more for face cloths.

Has anyone made hooks from clay?

I'm about to have the bathroom re-furbished, and decided that making all the tiles was a step too far, in fact, making any tiles was out.

But, I would like to make a pair of hooks to hang our face cloths from.  

Any tips, suggestions?  I'm thinking of using porcelain,  and may not even glaze them.  Something like this.....



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I have towel hooks in my bathroom, they are a metal long knob about 4" away from the wall with a narrow neck, with an angular end that is about an inch larger in diameter than the neck. This is attached to the wall with a heavy bolt that the knob glues onto as the knob has a hollow shaft. Actually this works with a set screw in the metal, but for ceramic I would epoxy onto the shaft. Nothing would break off from the hook. You could design a starfish shaped knob handbuilt on a thick extruded hollow shaft.




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