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I have been using a CXC for over 25 years now, it has not had to have any work done on it, not even a belt change during that time. It has more than enough torque for me, and for fine work does quite well at lower speeds as well. You will never regret the purchase.




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Like others[Pres.,Mark C,

I have a Brent CXC.Bought used in Seattle 35 years ago. There was a grinding sound about 2 years ago-no,not my Mother -in-law.

Anyway, our shops teacher in high school replaced the bearing.[for about $20.00]. The wheel works GREAT! Unfortunately, I bought a lighter Brent to use in the interim. Can't remember the letters. The wheel has a quicker response time, lighter to move around,etc. I have often thought of have the two wheels in my shop. Taught one of my sons how to throw on it over Christmas. He picked it up way faster than me. I think I will keep one for decorating and one for trimming and throwing.If I were to buy new, I would probably buy a Whisper. Does this help, or make your decision more difficult?


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I like the Brents I'm a Brent guy-the CXC is a super wheel I would get that.

That said I did a workshop last week and thru on the whisper. It a lot quieter than a Brent so in teaching situations it may be a bit  better choice if you are speaking over the wheel sounds.

The drawbacks for me is I had to look at the darn wheel to see the speed as I know mine buy the sound alone. I adapted very quickly but I know my speed by sound not visual reference .

The CXC is the heaviest as TJR said I own a Brent A (old style -very small and light) a B and a C and CXC

I tend not to move wheels around much so weight is not a factor. Plus I have used Brents since the very early 70's maybe it was 69?

As well as a spare model B motor and pedal and controller (all but the deck and wheel head) Never know if one needs a spare part.

I even like the color as many do not like it.

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try to find a way to test each wheel.   find a local class and ask what kind of wheel they use.  you may find one of each at the same place.  surely the instructor would allow you to just come in early or late to a class and try them both.  if the noise of the brent bothers you then, it will only get worse in your own studio.  i have two wheels, one i chose and one i bought used.  i am glad i have a silent wheel.

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