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  1. I suggest making the buttons from high fire clay that will hold up over time-like porcelain. I know this guys ceramic business in Portland and he has great stuff for reasonable price and fair shipping heres the e-bay store site for Hi temp http://stores.ebay.com/HIGH-TEMP-REFRACTORY-STORE?_trksid=p4340.l2563 His fiber is high quality and so are the soft bricks. Mark
  2. My buttons are on a wall of a high fire kiln every 10 inches-I would put more on a roof. My buttons are 2 1/2 inches in diameter made of porcelain-you can wedge in some kyanite for thermal strength. The fiber being bulky is most likely an oversize UPS shipment and over size always costs more. Next time price fiber from a ceramic supplier like Hi temp in Oregon (west coast) or another on East coast? for better shipping rates I do not think e-bay for kiln materials except for used older fluke digital pyrometers which can be a good deal. Mark
  3. I agree with the above posts-put the fiber into a wire basket and put it on top of a brick base with burner going into bricks-put shelve on bottom and lift the basket off to get to the pots. Much easier. Get some gloves and face shield as well. Two layers of 3 will make up for one layer of 6-raku temps are low . Good luck
  4. 10 inches I would still consider a roof and some shed walls in yard-When its 105 degrees at night the garage may be a bit warm with the kiln going Remember the electrical connection needs to be up to code and safe in either location. Mark</div> Go with the 18 inches in below post-I have a heat resist material on wall .
  5. I like Brents as I have owned 6 of them now paired it down to 4.I would buy a used Brent myself.The new ones are overpriced now-I will say they have last a lifetime. The Thomas Stuart wheels are also very well made the older ones-I have a friend with one back before Skutt bought them out. I do not know now that Skutt bought them out how they are? They used to be very well made. I do not like the jumbo splash pan but thats really a personal issue on likes-they are powerfull and as with the Brents belts are a non issue. I know all shimpos are made in china now-I do not know much else except I
  6. I also think 450$ is too much for that old kiln In really good shape-250$ tops for me.300$ with all the fixings-shelves stilts etc Mark
  7. Peep holes and spy plugs- The plugs stay in the spy hole as I put a soft brick wedge that holds the top (lid) open for a bisque-this lets the moisture out-when I say 800 I really mean when I get around to checking it. I set my ramp on medium (speed of temp. climb) and if I remember to check it at 400 600 or 800 whatever I close the lid when I walk by -taking the wedge out. Kiln is outside of studio so I tend to forget about it. its on a kiln setter and timer (not electronic new style) so when I drop lid I ramp it up a to a higher climb as I know its all dry inside and it turns off on its own
  8. I leave my plugs in always. I crack the lid on the start up of a bisque and then close it when past 800 degrees. I do not glaze fire in an electric but wonder why the plugs would be left out (evil spirits release???) I have no idea why .Especially when most use the new fan vented exhaust gizmos. Mark
  9. Sorry for your loss I have dealt with 4 of my family members ashes over the years- If ashes are used at cone 10 the flux similar to wood ashes I have zero experience at cone 6 but a wood ash formula at cone 6 would work fine I'm sure. Just replace wood ash with human ash. You may have to crunch them up some more with a mortar and pestle. Sorry if this sounds strange but its what it is. Mark
  10. Physical Therapy is coming right along- (its a no pain no gain deal) I can write again with a pen and starting to hold a steering wheel (truck) I can open most doorknobs now. I can hold a spoon but hand/wrist is still very weak as tendons are still not happy-swelling is way down-I spared you all from nasty surgery photo I can dig thru pottery boxs for galleries now ( todays chore) I am thinking about throwing a few small bowls in next few week to help with wrist strengthening Looks like another month or two I'll be almost good as new. I wish I had something simple like carpel tunnel whi
  11. From the album: pots pots pots

    The best art fair truck out there
  12. From the album: pots pots pots

    my old cat arch hardbrick kiln-back in the early 70's This baby used some GAS named it- the goose
  13. Mark C.


    From the album: pots pots pots

    clay shed on road
  14. Mark C.


    From the album: pots pots pots

    throw/trim room
  15. Mark C.


    From the album: pots pots pots

    Green room
  16. From the album: pots pots pots

    salt fence post dog
  17. Mark C.


    From the album: pots pots pots

    porcelain mug-cone 11- 12 ounces.
  18. From the album: pots pots pots

    bamboo lifter-porc-cone 11
  19. From the album: pots pots pots

    covered jar -porcelain cone 11
  20. Mark C.


    From the album: pots pots pots

    older raku pot
  21. From the album: pots pots pots

    wood fire jug-stoneware
  22. From the album: pots pots pots

    copper red teapot cone 10 redution
  23. From the album: pots pots pots

    triggerfish wall piece-cone 11
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