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  1. I never have dipped my hot wax pots in AH-it was only a thought. I hot dip thousands of pots as do you. When I need a seat/lid waxed with alumina I dip my sponge with regular water solubale wax in AH powder and wax the seat.Not a hot dip deal most all my 50-60 advancers are washed with a light coat of homemade kiln wash as I am a all porcealin shop. I used to put AH in liquid wax but the dip sponge in it is more control and the little i need on lidded forms I think you could put some AH in the hot dip pan but it will fall out really fast-if you kept the wax level low that m
  2. A bit off topic but still relevant . I'm working with Skutt on a rusty stainless issue (metal band testing -more later on this) but in talks mid winter Skutt they said that all kilns for European Market requires a kiln paper between metal and brick. I'm testing this on a jacket replacement very soon-They shipped me the jackets just before having a bone removed from thimb. I'm just about well enough to tackle this job again. I ordered the thin Bullseye 1600 degree shelve paper used in glass work and will install between bricks and metal jacket. Not the same as fiber but still a barrier. I'm u
  3. Bailey and Brent extruders are top of the line-Northstar no so much- also one made in Northwest called If I recall Big Blue? Laim has info on it.You want one that holds at least 10#s of clay I use a breant and a highly modified Scott Creek -redisigned the handle and weilded a Brent cap on it. I favor the quikness of Brent caps
  4. The more compression the better-so the angle on the die is a must . If they are curved coming out they will later curve again (clay has memory) If you extrude them center the hole in die.I think slab made will be easier than extruding to keep them flat .
  5. I had all three kilns going today-two cone gas glaze fires and a electric bisque-solar system near maxed out running the 48 amp constant load-solar offset 37kw on that fire today. still needed some grid power to get it done in 8 hours.

  6. Are they staying completely flat coming out out the extruder or are they slightly curved and yiou flaten them as you cut them. Clay has memory if you weight the drywall they cannot bend up or down if they are going sideways between the press its because they are curved coming out of extruder is my guess.Is your die hole center in extruder? off set? need more info on that part how about rolling the border and and cutting them and seeing if they stay flat.
  7. I received this news about Texas talc off the market as a Laguna distributor They (Laguna ) is looking for another talc source now I have used Serralite for decades now . It costs more. (I still have some texas talc as i only use it in one glaze) as I have never been a fan of it. see my pots on this here
  8. Decals are fired very low and usually are on a surface where food is noton them (outside of mug for example) so they would be considered not food safe. Lusters are the same but many use the gold on cup lips and plate lips.It wears off very easy and should not go in a dishwasher. I do not consider decals or lusters as food safe (food safe is a undefined term).
  9. Yes they are fired to luster temps and they are printed first as Liam said .. The 1918 date may help in which technique was used.
  10. I would cut the brush and leave the at the wood part and leave it to burn out. That way the metal is gone
  11. I think you need to be a bit creative on taking things apart-follow Neils lead and get all that you can off the shaft and off the wheel head. You can post some photos and we can talk you thru it as well.
  12. Natural Minerals C-98 Talc is no longer in production. They have closed their doors to external sales. This is the grey Texas talc that many have been using for decades , it fires white. Laguna Clay Company has a rationed amount for customers still. I'm not user myself as I use another talc that costs more. If you need this talc in a glaze you better stock up NOW.
  13. Filling huge pottery orders before fishing season starts
  14. Ok something is going on this days in a big way Lumber prices up 300% gasoline up a bunch as well as all things grocery I raised my prices last fall as well That said the orders are rolling in like I have never seen before and thats saying something. Looks like the public is buying up whatever ceramics they can get. Get your item out there anyway you can . I think this is a coast to coast deal. Summer is on and it looks to be a strong sales one for sure.
  15. I like muds solution but if you are going to make one use only#1 pottery plaster plaster of paris is not good for ceramics period as far as I am concerned
  16. Fan is best as Denice says fan and sun is better.
  17. You can mix cobalt with water (no flux) and paint it on and put a clear glaze over .Many oxides are the same as long as a clear is over the top. They do not need fluxes.
  18. The containers says to not used in items which come into contact with food as they contain lead and cadmium. so they are not ok for food contact
  19. Working on huge simi annual gallery wholesale order now and it up over last years order same period. Local shops are selling more volume still .I'm a bit worried aboiut getting enough wares for a show on top of local sales . Never been like this with demand way up. Only one shop is down this year and they are still closed 3 days a week and only open 11-4 the other 4 days.
  20. ( Any advice on how to become more educated in those areas that isn't insanely boring?) In ceramics many things are not just throwing and making-the technical issues will bite you in the butt but for some they are not as fun as the making.If you ignore them then you will not be bored becuse you be to involved in grinding kiln sheves from runny glazes or breaking your pots because they weep water and are not suitable for use .Ceramics is pretty technical in some areas-You will need to know some boring items to master itothewre wise it will be a disaster. Many here will help you with
  21. Your mix was off but its easy now with above post-7-10 by weight-Neil is on it.Alsocold water sets slower warm water faster-not sure water water temp you are using? I like cold water-powere mix for a few minutes drop bucket on floor to get air bubbles to top and pour .
  22. I use the sun to dry 99% of all thrown pottery when I can. Mugs go out in sun and come off the plaster bats as soon as they are raedy and taken inside to handle for example. Bowls dry outside until they can be trimmed-usually it takes place in same day-work in am trim in pm I spin the pots to the other side if the sun is hot to make sure that dry evenly . The sun is a potters friend.
  23. I dry all work outside in the 6 months of spring/summer/fall under a roof as well as in the sun.
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