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  1. Just change something. Handbuild instead of throwing. Use a different trimming tool. Draw. Make a collage. Wash the floor. Make glaze tests. I always start throwing by making mugs. TJR.
  2. I had a woman come in to my previous studio. We had a gallery there. She carefully took some time and picked out a mug she liked. Then she showed a mug of mine that had a broken handle. It was not broken where the handle attaches to the mug body, but in the middle of the handle. Both ends of the handle remained attached to the mug. I knew that she had broken it, just by looking at it. I said;"So, are you going to pay for that mug that you have picked out?" She was shocked that I expected her to pay for the new one. I told her that the handle was not faulty. She put the new mug back and stomped out after exclaiming that she thought that I would replace it. I regret not just giving her another mug. I lost a customer.It was not worth the hassle. TJR.
  3. Mark; What were those two times when you shaved your beard? Probably something serious,like a girlfriend. TJR. First time was when I turned 30 to see what I looked like. Second time was after being married 10 years to surprise my wife who had never seen my face. Both times where BAD ideas.I'm done with the thought of it again Mark You know, you left a big space that you could drive a truck into. Something about your face without the beard, but I am not going there. I consider you to be my friend, and I would never make a rude comment, even for a laugh. What was the topic again? Tom.
  4. Mark; What were those two times when you shaved your beard? Probably something serious,like a girlfriend. TJR.
  5. And then you promptly threw the bottles away.... Right. They were collecting fruit flies and were stinking. They were in the other art teacher's room. She wanted them outta there. We recycled them. T.
  6. I used to think that I wasn't a real potter because I couldn't grow a decent beard. I did eventually get a beard in my 40's, after not shaving for an entire summer-itchy. I make my own glazes. I came across a glaze recipe on a hunk of paper when I was doing my taxes called "Salvation Blue". Who could resist a name like that It contains 3% cobalt. I mixed up two tests for it on Sunday. I realized that I didn't reset the gram scale and instead of 8 grams of ball clay, I had 28 in two tests. I had to remake the entire tests.I have an entire glaze lab which takes up a lot of containers of materials, but I LOVE making glaze tests. Many potters use commercial glazes. Many potters can't grow a beard. There is room for all of us.Welcome. TJR. p.s. If you see me at NCECA, please don't laugh at my beard. T.
  7. I currently have a Gr. 10 class with 4 special needs students. I have one E.A[educational assistant.] One boy has severe anxiety issues. I have him working in a corner at a table by himself on a long-term project. He arrives late everyday, if at all. I used to have to reopen the register to mark him late, but now I just get him to walk down to the attendance office himself. I have one boy who has to dance around and draw attention to himself. He's a pretty good artist though. Two girls just kind of passively do whatever they are assigned. All will get a modified credit. We are currently drawing realistic facial features on black paper with pastel. I also did a unit with SLP kids for four Fridays in a row on my prep. The class came with 7 E.A's. We did under the sea with plasticine on matt board. They loved the project and I will be putting their work in the show case when I get a second. The students were great-so happy to be in the "real" art room. They are not scheduled for art normally. I did the class to thank them for collecting 2,572 plastic water bottles consumed from Sept. to Jan. to show the shocking amount of plastic we throw away. TJR.
  8. I think this the third time for this topic.A five pound stoneware jar with domed lid and flange will do the trick. The ashes come in a plastic bag with a lead seal. Put the ashes in the urn and then use two part epoxy to seal the lid. TJR
  9. Copper carb used to be a DARK green. It was a bit unsettling to use mint green. Didn't affect the colour of the on glaze brush decoration. But you gotta test it. Tom.
  10. I always cover with plastic sheets. You gotta. At the Archie Bray, as a resident, I didn't cover my 10 teapots with attached pulled handles. They all cracked. It didn't rain there all summer. They don't even have rain gutters on their houses.We call them eavestroughs. TJR.
  11. You mean Santa doesn't exit? Who brought my train set?!!!?
  12. Manganese is a colourant used for making black in slips and on-glaze decoration. Magnesiun is a flux to cause glazes to melt. Used a lot in white glazes as it goes cloudy in the fired glaze. Not the same animal. TJR.
  13. Avoid the commission. I made four casseroles for a client. Not my usual shape.Had to copy the one they brought in. Three out of the four I made cracked in the bisque. Luckily one survived. I am done with custom orders.
  14. I ask myself this question all the time. Whenever I'm back in Ontario, I try to visit Jonathon's Gallery in London .... 100% Canadian potters from across the country ... a showcase of the breadth and depth of talent. Amazing work and they rep the potters very well. Cannot say that I can see a definite aesthetic, other than the awesome originality on display ... Canadian potters certainly do have their own voices. We have the One of a Kind show coming up in Toronto. It is on after NCECA. I will be attendng. T.
  15. Tyler; That was a great essay. Well thought out. As artists we grapple with these universal problems all the time.I watched a youtube video on the British potter Phil Rogers. I really like his work. He has visited Japan many times. There is a video of him at Mashiko. It is still possible to buy Hamada pots there if you have the dosh[English slang for money]. I noticed on youtube that a lot of British potters try to emulate Japanese pots. I guess because Hamada worked at the Leach pottery. The Hamada pots in the video were head and shoulders above any there that is being created in Mashiko today. He was a true genius. There are two roads that you can choose here. Copy the greats in order to be great youself. Or, reject your teachers and create your own vision. I choose the latter. I am a bit more ham strung than you as I come from a cultural back water. But I have a computer. What is the Canadian pottery tradition? Should we be searching for it? It is not painting polar bears on plates. TJR
  16. I told this story once before, but it's worth repeating because it's a good one. A full time potter friend of mine sold a large bowl as a second as it had a tiny crack in the bottom. The purchaser knew that she was buying a second. We usually put the price tags in red for seconds. A few weeks later a different woman came in with said bowl."I received this bowl as a wedding gift from my best friend. I don't think she realized that there was a crack in the bottom.Can you replace it please?" My potter friend said nothing and got down another large bowl. Price $36.00. To me she said;[as we were firing together], "The best friend went to the wedding and ate and drank and had a great evening for the price of the seconds bowl-$8.00. Nothing was ever said to either party. We just thought it. Get out the hammer. TJR.
  17. That link didn't work for me, but this one does: http://www.luciapottery.com/urns/urns_biodegradable.php There was a space at the end......... I am going for permanence, not biodegradable. I would not want to drop one of those green urns full of ashes. The ashes are quite heavy. What if someone knocks Dad off the mantel? TJR. The whole idea of the biodegradable urn is that it does break down quickly in the ground. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes and all that. The goal isn't to entomb the ashes for time eternal but to return the body to the earth. I know what the idea is.I know how long greenware lasts. I am going for eternity. TJR.
  18. I had to lurk for two weeks as a ghost,as my computer is in the shop. Could not comment, could not look at visuals. I don't like brown pottery, as I like to decorate. i do have a brown glaze that I use sometimes. The stuff always sells. Mark Cortnoy said; "you have to cover your bases."Which means that it's OK to have a variety of colours even though you aren't particularly invested in them.Now I am starting to like brown..just a bit. ..a tiny bit. That was good advice from Mark.
  19. That link didn't work for me, but this one does: http://www.luciapottery.com/urns/urns_biodegradable.php There was a space at the end......... I am going for permanence, not biodegradable. I would not want to drop one of those green urns full of ashes. The ashes are quite heavy. What if someone knocks Dad off the mantel? TJR.
  20. I have made several urns. I usually make two-one to be buried and one for the family. I made two for my mom. she died in 2003. We buried one in her grave, and then have the other on a shelf.I like the idea of having somewhere concrete to visit, as in a grave sight. The jars were 5 pounds of stoneware. I placed my mom in there myself. I then epoxied the lid on.. She should be good for about 2,ooo years. TJR.
  21. You mean that your dad's ashes were tossed from a plane, not your dad! Scared me there! T.
  22. Off the blog for two weeks. I sent my Mac to the Mechanic. Then forgot my password.

    1. alabama


      Hint: It's "password".

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      Oh No! A dreaded senior moment. I can say this since were the same age.

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      its ceramicartsdaily!

      What a sick MAc??

  23. Good man. In Canada the law states that you cannot be served a beer if you are wearing a cowboy hat. T.
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