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  1. Thank -you so much. I was dancing away! Those guys are looking old! Still got the chops, man. Still an amazing sax solo! Thanks bcisk for posting it. Tom.
  2. I Sunday mornings I listen to the "Sunday Morning Resurrection with Howard Manshine, on 92 City FM. They played Urgent by Foreigner. There is a great sax solo in there. Had to stop pulling handles and dance around the entire studio. Great song. I tried to put a link from youtube, but don't know how. If some kind soul could put it up here, we could all be dancing. Tom
  3. I use them all the time, and my name is also Tom. Check out the chicken plate in my gallery. It's a Mason stain with fritt over a glaze fired to Cone 10. I have also used Degrusia Inclusion stains. They are expensive, but you get consistent results. I will look in my studio for the # of the stain. TJR.
  4. Well said Chris! Now in my class, you just look for the old guy with the grey hair[gray for Americans]. I still iron a shirt every morning. I always wear shoes. Like I said, it's a safety thing, not a fashion things-the shoes, I mean. TJR.
  5. I don't know if I want to comment here without getting rude. No one should be in a school in bare feet, whether it be English, art, Social Studies, what ever. Thanks for throwing a red herring in here,bcisk. The issue is safety, not fashion or being "free", or whatever.We are not living in the times of Huck Finn. Wear your shoes please. TJR.
  6. I am the Work Place Health and Safety officer at my high school. You would never get away with going barefoot at my school. We do not even allow our students to take their shoes off and go in sock feet. If ever there were a fire and you had to run out of the building, there would be big problems. i am surprised that you have gotten away with this. TJR.
  7. Evelyn; They don't know that I won a mug at the pottery slam. At my last NCECA 17 years ago in Las Vegas, I changed planes in Minneapolis to head north. The Winnipeg airport was closed due to a blizzard. We [8 of us] were trapped in the Minn. airport for two days without even a toothbrush. Tom.
  8. I think we are a bit off topic here again. I own two pair of shorts. The summers here are beautiful. We tell ourselves that all winter long. Tom.
  9. Still like that,he said rubbing his beard as he mixed up a cone 10 glaze from raw materials mined and crushed on his own property. T.
  10. Dang right they aren't! They are also not real painters, if they don't weave their own linen for canvases, hunt down animals, to shave for brush bristles and chop down their own trees to make canvas stretches and brush handles. And don't get me started on so called "Potters", who don't mine their own clay and glaze materials... Didn't we have a post about this already? I mentioned my water wheel for crushing/grinding materials? T.
  11. Is that a Canadian/Inuit thing . . . one shovel for each type of snow? But, I thought there are hundreds of words for types of snow. I use to have three shovels . . . one for each of the kids. They all grew up and moved out. I am aware of the Innuit vocabulary for different types of snow. We have three teenagers, all prefer a different shovel. Who am I to say? As long as the snow gets shovelled, who cares which shovel is used? T
  12. Hey, that's the look I was going for! Aging rocker who can no longer fit into spandex pants. John was the drummer, remember? TJR.
  13. I think the word for teaching art is to dress appropriately. I iron my shirt every morning. I often wear jeans but not faded or with holes in them. I have no visible piercings, and I am really glad that I didn't get that barbed wire tattoo on my arm. Oh yeah! I always wear shoes. TJR.
  14. I make those small porcelain candle holders with trimmed feet. They used to always pluck until I started putting alumina hydrate in the wax resist. High fire pots do not have glazed bottoms. Iron melts at 2,000 degrees F. Stoneware is fired to 2380 degrees F.Stilts are useless at these temps. TJR.
  15. It snowed here yesterday. I put all my shovels away and my sand for the sidewalk. I have 5 shovels for different types of snow. Tell them not to come back yet. T.
  16. I was on a teacher exchange to Beacon Hills Collegiate in Melbourne, Australia for one year. In the exchange, an Australian art teacher came and lived in my house with her family and we went and lived in hers. I was told;"professional dress is required." I didn't know what that meant and had to ask. Sure enough- suit, or jacket and tie. So, I always had my jacket on the back of the chair, shirt and tie on and an apron on top to keep my tie in place. My tie was always loose because of my large melon-like head. It was pretty hot going. Everybody wore ties and jackets, even the girls. TJR.
  17. There is a joke in here about wide hips, but I don't think I am going to attempt it without a smoke bomb to get away. Anonymous.
  18. I always wear a suit and tie when I'm throwing. Doesn't everybody? Tom
  19. The guy obviously knows what he is doing. Loved the Unicorn centering, the pile of ribs, [use the green one!], but especially the roll up plate technique. Hilarius! TJR.
  20. Hey,gang; I am now back as well. Spent 4 days in Toronto with the sisters. We went to the One of a Kind show. Met some great artists. Saw some interesting, and creative work. Pres and I met at John Baymores talk on Chawan-hope I spelled it right. I have some stories for another day. The hotel that I booked to stay in gave my room away. Can't say any more at the moment. Had a great time, met some old friends, had lots of laughs, even learned a few things. Tom.
  21. Bought my used electric kiln for $750.00. It has a kiln sitter. This is all I need as I am only bisquing in it. TJR.
  22. On my way to NCECA,baby.Look for a guy with a big smile on his face!

    1. Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell

      We want reports and pictures of all your fun!

    2. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      I met with the big smile!

    3. Pres


      Hung out with the big smile most of the week, and I have one now also!

  23. Ha,ha! Chris, good one! I think you gotta use "beautiful" a lot here. You don't owe her anything. As we all know, six year olds are evil and can't be trusted with a "beautiful, expensive pottery anything" I had a principal come to me with a broken teapot. A student was supposed to present it as a gift to a guest. They dropped it . He [the principal]brought it back for me to make another one. He fully intended to pay for it. Unfortunately, I am not making Majolica any more. It's been six years.I will get to it eventually. TJR.
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