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  1. I just got a line on a Pottery Supply house kick wheel with the big splash pan-I think it's pink plastic. Definitely a thrower, but I make slab pots on occasion. People only buy my wheel thrown stuff. I like the Stones, Pink Floyd, the Who.
  2. I like your sign. Had some good advice from Mark Cortnoy which I use and it works. People like pots at eye level. I would move away from the tables and build a couple of standing shelves. sold most of my pots from these shelves. Tom.
  3. So did I. Guilty as charged. If we had a space to go off topic, I would have to stay ON topic. TJR.
  4. I think it should be the responsibility of the Craft Sale to insure their sale. they are once again off-loading onto the artists. I, like Diesel clay, live in a different country. I have sold at a lot of craft fairs. Never had to buy extra insurance. I now have two big sales twice a year out of my home studio.[separate from my house]. I can get "special event insurance" for $150.00 a time. I feel for you guys living in a litigious society. T.
  5. The two metal brackets that the cone rests on can come out. They could be cleaned with a wire brush attachment on your bench grinder. Or you can buy new ones they are cheap. you can also buy a guide template to adjust the setting of your sitter. Do you know a potter or teacher in your area who can show you? Not complicated, but I am a two finger typer and this would take a lot of words. Better to show. TJR.
  6. You don't have to turn the vent on immediately. Probably an hour into the firing. It is just convenient to do it all at once. TJR.
  7. You just need a smaller brush. I use straight iron oxide all the time. I find that glaze pencils fade or burn off. TJR.
  8. I feel that I have to comment here since I started this post. Not all Canadians are polite. This is a difficult stereotype to live up to. Not all Americans carry guns either. The point of the post was to say that people come into my home studio and feel that they can be rude. Some artists that we want to bring into our studio tour do not want to have people in their homes because of the manners of some people. I teach high school art. I have a pretty thick skin. TJR.
  9. I like the one on the right. Both are great, but the carbon cracks from the raku take away from the realism. TJR.
  10. You should never have dried stuff along the inside of the glaze bucket. Wipe with a sponge. Tom.
  11. Thanks for your kind words Babs. It's not about the size of the mug. It's about her feeling O.K. to openly put me down in my own studio.I would like to give her more than a cup of hot sweet tea! But then, I will never see her again. I will see her sister next year, commenting on something else I am doing wrong. T.
  12. Try replacing all of the Cornwall Stone with Neph Sy. Then you will have 25% Neph Sy. TJR. test,test,test.
  13. Those mugs look great! Congratulations. Unfortunately now you are sucked in like the rest of us. Try; 1.Glaze the mugs in Celadon, then brush iron on top. 2.Practise some brush techniques on paper with India ink and a bamboo brush. 3.Try using less iron but in a polka dot pattern Check out my gallery. Those swirly rimmed Christmas candle holders are done with iron on an unfired glaze. TJR.
  14. DON'T give in! Bowls are for soup! Plates are for cake! Colanders are for wet things like fruit. T. We gotta have rules people, otherwise we have SOMETHING..tyranny, anarchy.. people drinking coffee out of soup bowls..
  15. One pound wet clay ready to throw on the wheel. No handle yet. T.
  16. Maybe I throw thinner than you. My cups are all one pound. The insides are glazed the same as the outside. Some are white some purple, some Celadon, some Shino. The point of the post was that "customers" come in and think that it's O.K. to find fault. Verbally and loudly so that everyone heard. I've heard it before, as I've been doing it a while. Last year a woman in my studio criticized me very having my eave troughs [gutters] directed toward the house. I collect rainwater for my garden. What does that have to do with my studio product? T.
  17. Actually what she said was;"Your mugs are TOO BIG.'She said it about three times. She said;"You can't even see the bottom of them." I ignored her. The mugs were walking off the shelves. People requested a bigger size mug. They are one pound. A regular size, not too huge. Why do people come into my studio and feel that it is O.K. to complain, to criticize, to find fault? Why didn't she say;"Your eyes are too blue? Or your hair is too wavy?" I am not going to change my work for her. Why say anything if you can't be positive? Do you have a sales experience where the person felt it was O.K to find fault? Let's here your stories. Try to err on the positive side if possible. TJR.
  18. I would have liked to be a singer. My grade 3 teacher told me to "mouth the word", as in lip sync. There I am singing my little gr. 3 heart out in the choir with no noise. I would have loved to have been a rock star, but now I can't even fit the Spandex pants. I would have to be a country singer, but I can't find a cowboy hat to fit my big head. Guess I just have to stick with pottery. "Tex"
  19. Where's your picture? You suddenly have no face. Yah! T.
  20. Diesel; We can't have people thinking that this is a common thing in Canada, which it is not. Gobble gobble to THEM!
  21. I have a separate meter for my kilns .Runs from the studio directly to the hydro ploe. It did not cost thousands as you said. It costme $350.00 for the lot. Worth every penny. T.
  22. No, this is not common in Canada. I was at the most recent One of a Kind Show in Toronto on my way back from NCECA It's a huge show, very professional. They have been going for 20 years or more. I was not aware of their exclusivity contract as I am not selling there. Booth fees are very high. I noticed that you can purchase a one quarter booth-where there is only room to stand. Signatures in Edmonton and Calgary is moving in on established craft fairs. The trend seems to be to make money up front on the backs of the craft people. But having said that, if we didn't have these big craft fairs, many artists/craftspeople would not have a venue to sell their work. TJR. edit 450 booths at the show. T.
  23. So, I am standing in the middle of my studio in the middle of our big Mother's Day open artists studio walk. There are 9 professional artists, and we open up our studios to people who walk the neighbourhood, looking at art. It is a two day sale, and happens again in November. The great thing is that I don't have to move my work, and people can see an artist in his/her natural environment. Anyway, these two guys are standing there looking at me. They are about 26. Tall, thin, good looking. Both wearing woolen hats which we call touques in Canada. They looked strangely familiar. Luckily, they introduced themselves by name. I knew them right away. I had taught both of them art over 8 years ago. G. was now an architecture student. I remember him being an amazing drawer. He was the student council president and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I gave him a reference. We laughed at that. The other young man was sporting a full beard. I couldn't grow a beard like that until I was in my 40's. I remembered luckily, that the second student, had a father who died while he was still in high school. He works as a pressman, or a printer. Both had traveled, looked at art, had fun before settling down. They had heard about the sale and wanted to see me. Apparently I was their favourite teacher in high school. Even though they weren't the most serious students, they turned out great. They congratulated me on winning the Canadian high school art teacher of the year award in 2012.They said that it was a long time coming. I said that I hadn't done much lately and we all laughed. It was a great time. Have you influenced anyone, or changed a young person's life, for the good? Let's hear about it. TJR.
  24. You need a down draft kiln vent that sucks fumes out from the bottom of your kiln. It has a 4 inch diameter pipe that needs to exit out of the wall. Kilns give off sulphur dioxide when bisquing. An open garage door will not cut it. You are filling the entire garage with fumes. Get a professional kiln guy to install your vent. This will save you headaches, literally. TJR.
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