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  1. Are you saying;"exactly?" My best advice to you, sir or madam is to take an evening pottery class before you start building a kiln. Kilns do not use cement mortar as the kiln has to be able to expand with heat. Also, cement melts at the temperatures we fire to. Can you give us some more information about yourself. I am still not buying that you are a legitimate poster. I don't mind helping people, but I don't want to be laughed at. TJR.
  2. One thing we didn't discuss is that you want to place your glaze test on a vertical surface. Your tests need to be able to stand in your kiln without falling over. Make a bunch of "L" shaped bisqued tiles. This way you can tell if your test runs. i have had many fabulous looking ash glaze tests that look great on a flat tile. when you put them on a mug they run two inches. TWO INCHES! Had to buy a couple new shelves. I would recommend reading John Britt's books on either high fire glazes or cone 6 glazing.He even shows how to extrude test tiles. Tom.
  3. Great job explaining this Diesel. You forgot to mention that in Canada we use Timmie's cups for glaze testing. Unfortunately, the bottoms come unglued if left overnight with liquid glaze in them. Tom.
  4. Well, now I am embarrassed. Beautiful red hair. I was actually looking at the pots and not the apprentice. Sheesh! TJR. Of course we sat quite a bit further back.
  5. I was thinking this morning before I got out of bed that I had left a batch of pots at my local frame shop. This was before Christmas. Never heard a peep from them. No big fat cheques either. I better go get my work outta there and be a more responsible business person. TJR.
  6. No, hot wax is not the only way to do this. I always get a blurp of melted wax up the side when I use the electric frypan method. I wax all of my mugs while they are upside down and re-centred on my wheel. I go pretty fast as I tap centre them. I first sign my name with brush, then wax. I also completely submerse the bisqued mug in a bucket of glaze for a count of 5. Inside and out are the same glaze. TJR.
  7. He prefers that you speak to him on the phone. Very helpful. You can get it all done in one phone call. TJR.
  8. O.k. I know this is off topic, but Benzine, you could appreciate this. I started my plants in my classroom as I have a big south facing window. I started them after spring break as I knew they would dry out over the one week holiday. I also planted squash, beets and cukes. Cukes nor beets didn't come up. Had to plant directly into the garden. I was worried that the students would get acrylic paint on the plants. They really liked seeing them grow in the classroom. They also learned another aspect about their wacky art teacher. TJR.
  9. Pres and I went to his workshop at NCECA. The pots just flowed from the ends of his finger tips. He took a basic cylinder and extended it in so many ways. He had a young woman apprentice throwing cylinders for him on a Brent wheel. He also threw, talked, cut, decorated. He filled the stage with beautiful work. He did not say one word to his apprentice. She just walked on periodically and threw blanks for him to cut and distort. His workshop was one of the highlights of the conference. Of course meeting Pres was great as well. TJR.
  10. Hey, what are you doing up there in the Great Frozen Tundra? The canvas is not repaired, the photo gallery is still not updated... Diane; I am enjoying the well deserved warm weather. If truth be told, I am gardening. Putting in pole beans today. Already have blossoms on my pumpkins. T.
  11. My buddy Steve said that you don't wash these shelves. Mark Cortnoy would know. Tom. I guess John Baymore would know. T.
  12. My firing buddy. Steve, just came back from holiday in the states. He purchased one advancer kiln shelf for $300.00 Canadian from Minnesota clay. We would like to purchase about 20 more but can't afford this exorbitant cost. Where do you buy your shelves? Can we go directly to the manufacturer. There is a rumour that these shelves come from India. I have no idea where to get a cheap price. Thanks.
  13. Just me who uses a base 12 number system? I never managed to gradually up my glaze size, maybe that is why me and my glazes fell out. The reason for base 10 is that you are working in percentages. your glaze should add up to 100 grams. 10% zircopax will be added to the total to make a white glaze. For example Blah 20 blah 20 bla bla 20 ba 20 bash 20 ----------- 100 10 zircopax This gives you a white glaze. Zero point 5 cobalt carb. gives you a blue etc [0.5]or one half a percent. TJR.
  14. Like piano playing, it looks like fun and looks easy. It takes a long time to get proficient at it. Don't go out and buy a pug mill[$2000.00] just yet. Take a few evening classes. Don't even buy a wheel just yet. I have bought many a used wheel from people with good intentions. Start small.Read lots, and as Simon Leach says;"keep practicing" TJR.
  15. Make a stand using cinder blocks. Situate them so that air can pass through. TJR.
  16. The problem with giving deals is that it creates a "garage sale" mentality which you do not want. I do give deals sometimes. I gave away a set of oxidized Celadon tumblers as they had sat on the studio shelf for two years. The woman wanted to buy one. Then I would be left with 5. I said;"Buy one get 5 free!" And away they went. This is rare though. The prices are pretty much set. TJR.
  17. At my Mother's Day sale in my own studio, I give children a "screaming deal", if they are spending their own money on a gift for mom or grandma. I will offer "half off " for the next 15 minutes only. "Buy one, get the second one free etc." The only problem is that other customers here me talking deals with these kids, and then they too want a deal. When they realize what is going on, then they back off. Unless they are weird. TJR.
  18. I think you have to define your terms here. Are you saying "single fire" as in you fired it once without bisquing? Or are you saying that you glaze fired it once after bisquing. If you double fire, you glaze fired it twice. Is that correct? Also, you need to move your iron out of the glaze recipe and place it at the bottom of the recipe, so that you can reduce the percentage of iron. Here goes; Flint 25 Neph 17 EPK 17 Ger Bor 8 Talc 8 Dolomite 8 Bone Ash 7 Total 90 Then you add Red Iron Ox to taste. 6% -10% for Temmoku. TJR.
  19. What? She fell off her feet? She has a big mansion in L.A. Is also an amazing painter. TJR. Still smokes,though.
  20. Keep the EPK in. Sub the yellow ochre for iron oxide in the celadon. TJR.
  21. The bone ash is a calcium phosphate. It causes a better glaze melt. Epsom Salts is just in there to prevent the glaze from settling. TJR.
  22. You were born in the right country for pottery. Have you heard of English China clay- a cadillac porcelain sought after all over the world.Cornwall stone- a feldspar from Cornwall. Go to the Craftsman Potter's shop in London for good wood-fired pots. Look up Svend Bayer, Phil Rogers,John Leach. The pottery traditions came from the u.k. to the states, not the other way around. There is an unbroken tradition of making good functional pots. Clive Bowen -wood fired earthenware. Get off your butt and do some research. TJR.
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