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  1. I used to do this a lot in my outdoor gas kiln. It is correct to use a glaze with a significant quantity of clay in the recipe. Just go by the book- slow warm up - (its called candling) even overnight then start the regular firing in the morning. I used recipes specifically for once firing - some even went on as a slip right after trimming. Dry things really well. Everything has to shrink and fit together at the same rate.
  2. I will miss them-it's Leslie's too right? I used to pick up things at Leslie's in Berkeley, then they moved to Richmond and joined up with Aftosa - I used to buy a lot of odd sized kiln posts and put them in my carry on luggage (and stains that were on sale) for customs to inspect coming back home to Canada . Gave them something interesting to do.
  3. Gary forces the migration with some sort of solution. Your work looks so nice! I like the low temp part too
  4. I have a bunch of clay disks drying between planks right now. I can use kiln wash too, right?(never heard of alumina wax- is it alumina hydrate and cold wax?)
  5. Anything else? Such as use the same type of clay or any other tips???
  6. Hopefully if they're on the flat waster, on a flat shelf, it won't warp!
  7. Thanks! That's what I wanted to hear- the voice of experience!!!
  8. Hi, I want to fire a bowl on its rim and not get any distortion - is using a waster how this is done?
  9. Are the dark haloes on some of the pots (esp.the green at the bottom) produced in a similar manner as the high temperature haloes on Gary Holt's work with southern ice?
  10. I have Arne's book too and I've visited Gary Holt in Berkeley to see his beautiful high temp work on southern ice. But I'm interested in the low T work too. Gary didn't toss anything down the drain- when I was there he advised me to wear protective clothing, mask & goggles & gloves..... and work in a ventilated area and make very, very small amounts solutions - only what you would use up on your project. The problem for me is getting the ingredients - a few are somewhat easy to obtain but in Canada most are too difficult to get unless you are a commercial lab. So far I've mad
  11. Thanks for the ideas! I'm trying it again with a new big mold.
  12. Hi all! I am slip casting a large one piece item. It is drying pretty slowly. Is it best to dry it upside down on some sticks to prop it up for air circulation or just leave it right side up?
  13. drying a large slip cast item - still in the plaster form- is it better to leave it upside down to drop out or will it dry faster right side up?

    1. terrim8


      It seems to dry/absorb so slow- its still in there! It was the right SG too so I'll keep it right side up . I may have complicated it all by having a paper-plaster mix behind the solid wall.

    2. JohnnyK


      Can you send some pix?

    3. terrim8


      with the next try-  decided to start again- back to the model to remove any imperfections so it will be totally smooth & then I'll insure its a smooth one-shot pour for the plaster.


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  14. Sure those are commercial glazes? Everything looks matte and the pigments are so concentrated- looks like sprayed over resists many times - I like it! Looks like I have to make more test tiles and try some undergazes- over glazes
  15. I use a tile sealer on some of my raku work- it dries invisibly.
  16. I was working with cotton linters & Polar Ice last year and left some cotton linters mush in a bucket. It's still wet, mushy & white - no smell. Wonder if there's preservative in it?
  17. A few of us at a shared studio are thinking about building a wood fired kiln. We also want to also use it for salt or soda firings. We have access to some free wood from a mill down the road I thought I'd see what designs people like, pros,cons,etc . Comments, thoughts??? The 300 cubic ft John Thies one looks nice.
  18. Have to hurry up and make a vessel for my fresh cherry brandy mix then. The cherries are still green so I've got about 4 or 5 weeks. It doesn't have to ferment but its an excuse to make a nice vessel. 6000 years ago making wine! That was an interesting article.
  19. podcasts : Marketplace, Planet Money, Freakanomics - its all so interesting & entertaining
  20. with regard to halloysite in Canada: Callie - true- its not mined here & Ive been frustrated for years because I know where there is some, same geologic setting as the NZ deposit except its not right on the coast for handy-dandy extraction, processing & shipping. Can't get the area I know about going due to lack of funding for initial exploration work. I've heard rumors about a possible deposit in Idaho but nothing in production yet. If I ever get a chance to be back in the area that I know about I will grab a big bucket full.
  21. Very paranoid about Silico… hoping the copy/paste stays as is I read a few other tech blogs & when I first saw this my mind finished the sentence differently than intended
  22. you probably already have this book but just in case.....https://www.amazon.com/Kiln-Book-Frederick-L-Olsen/dp/0812221869 prob lots of answers in there I used to have a gas burner ca ternary arch brick kiln and i had to reduce the size of the flue opening - a friend helped me - I probably should have read the book!
  23. I burnt hand in the kitchen again! I'm getting a set of protective raku style gear for the kitchen :angry:

    Plus its such a bad time to have an injury!

    1. terrim8


      I hate cookin. Problem is I like eatin. :(

    2. oldlady


      so do i.  proof is making potato salad from the pot of potatoes that i forgot and let burn .   sorry looking potatoes with half an inch of black burned skin and meat make fine food when the black is cut off.   don't know what to do with the pot.

    3. Hulk


      Hope you feel bettrsoon terrim!

         ...soak that pot, soak it goood

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