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Wishing for online sales venue

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#41 Dinah


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Posted 13 January 2013 - 06:08 PM

Admittedly, I've fast scrolled through comments. And seem to be a bit New Year-ish in my attention span! So be it.

Etsy, and other online craft sites demand a very high price from potters in that our shipping costs are buttock-clinchingly high. Sooo. Solutions. Create a line of work which can be mailed which is not sucking up those crazy mailing costs. It will be separate in the main from your usual suspects.

I have to acknowledge some of you do post on FaceBook etc. with your successes and well done to your arm! We're all terrifically envious and would you please have a think and post to this Forum some of the thoughts which drive you and your business? Much appreciated. I often see you on FaceBook but not on Potter's Council Forums.

Ways Forward: Have a very close look in your area and get involved with local Farmer's Market craft section. If you've a decent product and a good record of community involvement you might get yourself a weekly stall. Be careful what you wish for because it does get demanding during the run of the market season. Another strategy might be to volunteer to become a FM Board Member. Get your legs under the table. One way or t'other!

I really do apologize for not taking into consideration previous replies and horning in willy nilly to the conversation. But I do pride myself on a decent imagination. ;)/>

Always welcome your reply and continuation of this discussion online or off. You know how to contact me. I am also a Potter's Council Board Member.

Happy New Year. And as Simon Leach says: Keep on Practicing.

#42 Sandra Jimison

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Posted 18 January 2013 - 07:51 AM

I sell on Etsy. People do find me, although I don't have much pottery on there. I also sell at my brick and mortar shop, mostly leaf plates, and ornaments and buttons. Easy stuff. I have more experienced potters with big, gorgeous stuff in my shop. I noticed on the first link from etsy, the woman has a ton of keywords in her title - that used to be frowned upon on eBay and some other sites I sold antiques on a few years ago. Keyword spamming - that's what it was called! It cheapens the listing, in my view.

As for doing shows, if I never have to do a show, it will be too soon. I did some antique shows, and what a nightmare! Pack the truck, set up booth, unpack, smile nicely watching people come in who yell, "just looking!" like I am going to take their wallet out of their purse after wrestling them to the floor, and charge, charge, charge! Or pretend to believe them when they say, "I'll be back." Ugh. The worst of people in one place. Never again!!! For me, shows are a fate worse than death.

I agree 100%. Shows are very long days or weekends, and God help you if the festival title is food oriented. You are exactly right, the "I'll be back" makes you want to throw something sometimes.
I have never ventured into internet sales, which is one reason this thred is very informative. A friend of mine who is a painter, years ago first mentioned Etsy to me and suggested I give it a try. Her follow up note is it takes a lot of work to constantly keep your stuff on the front pages. Having never done this type of thing, I would be interested in knowing exactly how she went about this.

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